Modern Warfare 2

I have just completed MW2 and i must say its by far one the best games i have played.
As for the airport level i think its a very justifyable level, i know it have received a lot of bad press regarding the airport scene, but non of the press mentions the whole game and story line, also we got to remember that the story is about the worst possible terrorist situation that the world can face, hence alot of fighting in major parts of the U.S, and not forgetting its just a game.

If you have not already got this game i would really recommend it.


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Have stopped playing the game as for me the Multiplayer (MP) is the best bit about these games. But boy am I behind others. Only got home this weekend and loaded the game. Having fun and my gametag is navyred on XBox 360 so feel free to add me - just let me know via PM or here that you are as I only accept friend requests from those I know (so to speak).
must admit, i didnt skip it. Although i didnt enjoy shooting the civvies, i didnt dislike it either. Its a computer game after all 8o

But for the online, i find it really sad that most of the yanks or on the second and third set of ranks (no rhyme intended)

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To be honest mate it did'nt bother me either. Also there are no kids in the Airport level, you see a few teddy bears bt thats about it.
I am kinda desensitized to be honest. Just another part where I shoot people in a game. It made sense in the story at least, though it could have been done differently.

Kinda think it may have been done for extra attention to the game. Not that it really needs it, but more can't be bad.
The people that appeared to have prestiged immeadiatley have hacked the software. The game is awesome, online play is amazing. I was indifferent about the aiport level; brings something different to the mix I suppose.
I must say that this does look like a cool game,however it seems to me that its easy to complete in a short period of time.I havent bought it for that reason.I did however buy Operation Flashpoint:Dragon Rising.For longevity i dont think you can beat it.You get the whole of a series of Islands to play in,at the same time player made missions are coming out everyday,so far theres over 60 SP missions and 70 MP/COOP missions.So if you find MW2 a bit limiting do llok at OFPDR.


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i love the airport level i think its the best part of the game, i just love raking through all those people with that massive LMG and watching them all run for cover.

then taking on the guys with riot shields and blowing the hell out of them with a grenade saisfying :twisted:
I too loved this game. My only problem is with the story - too short and no real twists and turns, although to be fair that is probably due in part to my friend blabbing the story before I finished it.

Still, great game, I'm online, but none of you will want to play with me. I'm awful.
Modern Warfare 2 is very realistic first person shooter. Personally I will choose Modern Warfare 2, you get to do different things. When you will keep playing uncharted 2 for a while it will start to get boring and repetitive.would say MWF2 if I were you. Spec Ops is just great, and expect to have many map packs and downloadable content and what not with MFW2. The longevity is definately on MWF2, to me Boarderlands is kind of a joke, very repetitive gameplay, gets boring really quickly imo.


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a really good 1 player game is Farcry 2.

its amazing you can go where ever you want in the game, use many different weapons, sneak up on encampments, also its really nice when your crouched in the long grass waiting for a deer to come along and shoot

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