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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by daffy1, Aug 28, 2009.

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  1. ive got rid of me ps3, no use 4 it in the navy as i would never be able to use it
  2. no use for it? im taking my 360 to colingrad with me
  3. it depends on others as well and if you have enough room, will you have your own personal room to have a TV
  4. It will be available for all formats except the wii so if you have a laptop you are laughing.
  5. it will work on laptop?, but i guess you will ned a very good laptop
  6. Chrisj09

    I dont want to bring up any bad memorys for you but i would love to know who TRAV AND JOSH were,
  7. cant wait for MW2 to come out looks of the head...fed up off playing crappy WaW
  8. All depends what the game requires and what your budget is, you can get decent ones that will be able to play top end games but just dont expect to wack all the graphic settings to the highest. And laptops are always good on ship to watch DVDs etc with the lads.
  9. sure mate , sent you a pm :)

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