Modern terminology - What winds you up...

My boss at work likes to use buzz words, his common one is "socialise" when talking about passing on information. If he has something he wants everyone to know he asks the team leaders to "socialise" the info with their teams.

The other day he was asked if he'd passed some info on and he said he hadn't had a chance to "socialise" the info upwards.

I can't resist taking the piss every time he uses buzz words or corporate speak.
Ours is cascade the info....


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Sounds like time for a competition on RR.
Lets see who can come up with the most stupid buzz word.
The rest of us introduce the word into the world then wait for ********* to latch onto the word.

My starter for 10 is:

A tsunami of information, for too much info.

Next please


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A gem from one of my son's mates. He phoned to say he was coming to collect some tools he was borrowing. 'I'll swing by around five.'
My reply' 'Who the feck are you, Tarzan?'


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With regards buzzwords, the phrase "Task Force" appeared every where after the Falklands, same as "Solidarity" after the Polish uprising.

But another one that irritates is luvvies and arty people saying they're having a workshop. My wife belongs to a choir and when I was co-erced into going to one of their concerts the choir leader, after the show, smugly told me they were having a workshop next week, I asked him what were they making, he said it was a choir workshop so I asked what songs you could play on a lathe or pillar drill.

I haven't been asked to go to another concert as "I'm childish and an embarrassment"...result :)


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Latest one where I work is for something to be "baked in" regarding an idea or procedure. Whatever happened to implemented?

It seems that the work buzz words and phrases get updated quite frequently with each new batch of bright young things coming along.
I don't know where the "bright young things" pick up their buzzwords, I didn't learn any when I did my MBA, but the MD of the company where I worked used to trot out a few new ones every month. Was he watching too much Elmer television? We'll never know.


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I recently described the new man in my cousin's life as a twat. She went off on one and told me it was a horrible thing to say, old fashioned and rude. Next time I'll be all modern and call him a big woman's pee thing, perhaps that will calm her down a bit. (To me he'll still be a twat though.)