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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by uncleTom, Oct 22, 2007.

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  1. Can we have a poll on our moderators?
    Along the lines of :-Are they Self -Important? Are they necessary? Are they wanted?
  2. Rather have a poll on whether Norman in his many guises is needed or wanted.
  3. Whoever he is let's have a poll on both.
  4. you join today (hmm, ok,,) and start slinging grief??

    "our moderators"-

    will take incoming from the regulars, who I have gained respect for, and had the odd banter with- but from some newbie who flies in and starts----

  5. Can't we just create a new forum for Norm? That way you can just let him get on with it.

    Seriously though, most regulars know of Norm and his "Interesting" take on the world, so why not re-instate his original log-in or at least stop banning him. He's never going to go away so this way you'll never have to ask yourself "Is this Norm again or just a wind-up?"
  6. Aye There's the rub??
  7. And No, I'm not Norm.
  8. Are you Abnorm? You really must see someone.
  9. Ah, now we're back on grammar and spelling. That'll be a different thread matey.

    I suppose I could be Normal, But Ab-Norman
  10. Oi- tom-- Bugger off!!!!!!!!![​IMG]
  11. Admit defeat.
  12. wahaaaayyyyy- does that mean you're leaving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I reckon the best thing to do is just ignore him. He will then get bored and go back to sixth form
  14. Can we have a poll on the Police?

    Are they Self-Important? Yes!

    Are they Necessary? Yes!

    Are they wanted? Not always.

    Could we get along in a civil manner without them? No!

    Ditto the Moderators. An easy job when it's not you doing it.
  15. Slim Sir,

    Your command is my wish....
  16. Who's Slim and what's your commanding wish for slim to respond to?
  17. Click the link and find out, Einstein!

  18. just go away!!!!!
    go find someone else to annoy-----------
  19. Einstein? Had he the ability to click on would he, however intelligent have understood the demonstration of poor state education we see displayed on RR's pages today.
  20. Ok -
    it is a good site- we only go to stone age mentality when morons like you come here- you come here full of cack, flinging in stupid posts and expect normal responses- just p1ss off!!

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