Moderation at RR


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Just out of interest, who moderates Lil's?

On ARRSE, the NAAFI is moderated by some big personalities and it works (apart from a load of strokers being on there these days). I kind of see where Bob is coming from to be honest. Current Affairs should remain serious (as much as possible) as should Joining up (except for the really bone questions. I mean, some of them are really thick. I may have to bump my thread) but Lil's needs some good MOD's who moderate using their brains. Lil's does carry a warning and should remain as the pigs bar of the site. However, the last thing we want this site to become is ARRSE.

Apart from treason slander or conspiracy to kill, I cannot ever remember lil's needing a moderator.
Why would it?


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Setting aside Blobs stated inability to have and operate two IDs it is often obvious from the comments and the wordage who is making a post whatever ID they have assumed to make it so I see little point in trying what the OP has suggested.All that is required is fair and consistant Modding which most of the time is what we get now.

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