You should try scratch building rather than plastic kits...the plastic kit manufacturers dont usually have the type or scale you want to build.


Lantern Swinger
whitemouse said:

they do a range from 1.1250 and 1.600 both in make up kits and ready made ships, from prewar to current.

Have quite a few from them of ships that my old man was in during his sea service, plus the few that I served in.

I tried anticsonline for a model of the Ark Royal and it came up with this beautiful scale model, which was so amazing that I actually thought it was the real thing :roll:

A real bargain at only £45
Try Skytrex for metal models of modern ships - T22, County, Type 23, carriers and a tiny Ton clss. Revell and dragon do a plastic 42, Carrier - Airfix are threatening one too.
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