Modeller Seeks Help: Royal Navy Photos Wanted

Bad CO

Just in by email:

I'm the owner small Polish firm production models of warships resin scale 1-700 1-350. For many years interested in the ships of the Royal Navy and models .Currently working on the project british destroyers type A and B. To keep the memory of these ships and the sailors who often celebrate them they perished.

Maybe in your collections are some archival photographs to these units during the war. We have a few of these pictures and more enable us to create accurate 3D reconstruction of these ships with the end of the war. Please help. If you share some photos of the state of your churches will be used only by AJMMODELS projects 3d. Often sailors of other ships doing such photographs to other units flowing eg in convoys. You Can Find something in your collections?

I would be very grateful for your help.

I am currently in contact with the association GLARAC and Ardent and HMS Acasta
who really helped me already and make available archival photographs.

Please see my website

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