Just what is the point of these ******* ?, time and again they post stuff that members have already submitted and they are usually days late. We are not allowed to quote their posts so this was my only option.
There's nobody listening I'm afraid. MOD_RSS is an automatic 'news streaming service' that spits out articles to several websites and individuals. However, I don't know why there is usually such a delay after the original item has been published on the MOD website.
Thanks for that NG, as I said the members keep us up to date with all things mob so I would suggest Good/Bad Co's tell Mod_RSS to sling their hook.
Thanks for the feedback and sorry that MoD_RSS isn't popular! As Naval_Gazer points out the MoD_RSS is an automatic feed which takes info from the MoD website with a naval flavour and posts it automatically. I wasn't aware that there was much of a delay and it shouldn't be more than 30 mins or so? Can someone point out an occasion where this has happened and I'll see if I can do a bit of diagnosis?
There are a few others occasion as I have noticed the same thing happening. Will try and find some more examples if I can find them.


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I don't think it does any harm, better to have things twice than not at all, we are perhaps fortunate that Sol and others on so on the ball
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