MOD turning Bootneck into Action Man. Honestly.

scribbler614 said:

Anyone recognise this chap on the left?!

I'm told there will be an RN sailor version too!

In the shops from VE Day, apparently.
They got the frisbee, i mean lid right on the Matlots swede though!!
You can now buy your own limited edition QARRNS inaction figure from Royal Doulton for the knock-down price of only £145. As you can see below, it is spookily accurate in every detail (link).


Royal Doulton Queen Alexandra Royal Naval Nursing Service nurse[/align]

Well, each to his own.
I've still got my Action Sailor complete with hands in a wanking pose, face fungus and blue jumper and trousers, black boots and lid, but neggers white front. His name is Arny! ;)

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