MoD to sell Stonehouse Barracks

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by plymwebed, Sep 6, 2016.

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  1. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    Let me guess, you want lots of 'I am angry and outraged' answers for your column?
  2. Does it come with booties or do you have to supply your own?
  3. Quote: In an announcement made today the MOD said: "The Ministry of Defence (MOD) is nearing the completion of an ambitious Estate Optimisation Strategy programme which will provide a plan for a smaller, but significantly better Defence Estate to meet the needs of the Armed Forces. Unquote.

    Strange how announcements of this kind always contain words like "smaller but significantly better." They forgot, however, the usual "leaner, more efficient" bit.
  4. Anther new housing development in the making, will that include the small sailing centre?
  5. Where are 3CDO Staff going then?
  6. The rumour the last couple of years has been to Bickleigh Barracks. MOD buys the surrounding fields, moves Bgde and 30 in with 42 and creates a "Super Commando". Potential for 29 to move in also if the Army gets rid of Citadel, which has also been murmured about, meaning it'd be like Chivenor in North Devon, with the Commando Logistic Regiment, 24 Commando and 22A Flt RAF SAR.

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  7. Thanks for that. Far too logical, it will never happen!!
  8. I don't where the booties are going but I know where the battle staff are being relocated, poor souls

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  9. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    Its not just X staff, you need to consider COMATG and 30IX, they really all need to be co-located and there is a shed load of vehicles and kit to move too.
  10. Do I? Bugger, I had no idea I was responsible for all this.
    Serves me right for taking an idle interest.
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  11. Someone on faceache mentioned Bull point too, next to RM Tamar in the dockyard as another potential. Wonder how much scope there is for expansion seeing as Everyman and his dog uses it as layapart / distex area?

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  12. Darmouth on the river. Just right for the river craft they use. The number of Officer Cadets and UY types is shrinking exponentially with fewer foreign embryo officers having the money to come --The land on either side plus a few of their bits being underused--Is that the answer? The local girls will fancy a bit of rough after years amusing the Snotties and hard bitten senior Upper Yardsmen
  13. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    Victory Building......?
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  14. Or Dartmouth, lending itself to Royal Marines occupying every orifice --of which Dartmouth has more than enough of.
  15. The problem with Dartmouth though, is the same problem with Nelson Wardroom, and Stonehouse, it's old, listed and probably costs a ton to keep it running! I seem to recall there was a discussion years ago about trying to shut it down and move officers to Raleigh and train them alongside us Riff-Taff, like how the Marines do, someone put a stop to that!

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  16. As does Sandhurst and Cranwell. They are kept going at great expence purely for historical prestige purposes. Fewer and fewer overses officer cadets are using their services and our own numbers are at rock bottom--But still they are kept afloat.
    Dartmouth couldn't be a better training ground for the Bootnecks. It's got everything they need. Of couse it is likely to lower the pretentious officer class mentality having them alongside--But lack of money talks.
  17. For training though, Royal already has a modern establishment in CTC, not to mention the new RM Tamar for the LC types.

    No, close BRNC and turn it into a museum / some swanky hotel, force the Rupert to go to Raleigh and train alongside us, it's not a giant leap, baby Pussers have to go to the DMLS there to learn their trade already.

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  18. Yawn
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