MoD to compensate female soldier for discrimination

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Merlin28, Apr 13, 2010.

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    Makes you proud to be british not, whatever next sueing for being sent abroad to serve. You join the forces knowing full well that it is a full time commitment regardless of home situations.
  2. To be fair we don't know the full story so we can't really comment. The Army at least offered her a different job. If you were in her situation you would want whats best for your child. Child first job second
  3. I agree with Digger. Being a single mother (or indeed father) in the Forces must be pretty hard to juggle anyway.
  4. I'm sorry, but tough shit. She chose to become a mother. How about I go out to Afghan, and then say that I want paternity leave half-way through my tour as I don't like it out there anymore.

    She should have been thrown out of the country as soon as she left the Army.
  5. The she should have done what most british single mums in the forces do and leave.
    I dont mean that to sound over harsh but you cant have it all ways. If she was a single mother for the next 13 years does that mean she couldnt deploy ever? And just rob a wage from the MOD. Tours come around often enough wihout having to do other peoples as they are not deployable.
  7. So she is going to be paid off with taxpayers money it's a bloody disgrace. Maybe I had it wrong but the Service in my mind came before all else.
  8. She created the problem herself by bringing her child back from her own country where he was able to be looked after by family members, she seems to have assumed that she could just bring someone over with her to look after her kid - wrong!

    It was a problem totally of her creation, even so the Army offered her a compromise (a change of role) which she refused, she should be told to go and take a running jump and take her offspring with her. I would also like to know how she is deserving of such a large 'loss of earnings' payout. What earnings did she lose? Was she so traumatised by the whole affair she couldn't get another job? Was childcare not available in that role either? Yet another crazy decision!
  9. Just Leave? A real well thought out idea. Yes she is a single mother, but why should that stop having a career in the forces? The report said the Army offered her a different job. So she could have juggled both being a mother and a solider. Out of the 100000 people in the British Army, how many do you think deploy each year? It's her own fault for being pig headed and not acepting another job (maybe someone gave her some friendly advice about claiming compensation) I know many single parents in the forces who carry out their TOR and I know a few who play the system that was set up to avoid case's like this.
  10. danny,

    By mixing up icantfly's & Teutonic-Taffy's comments you have cocked up badly there and mis-represented T-T's view completely.

    Best you sort your "Quotes" out.
  11. I really wonder why the pongos signed up a single mum wioth a kid in another country. Recipe for disaster and on the face of it they deserve what they get.
  12. About three years ago when I was a single matelot, I would have agreed with most of the comments about the female in question. However now my circumstanses have now changed, Married and first child (son) due tommorow. I am now the otherside of the fence. I dont expect certain rights when having a child and bringing them up, but I do expect a bit of consideration when problems arise that are assocaited with having children.
    The Royal Navy is very good when dealing with compassionate cases such as these. I know of a lad who was wicnhed of the deck of a 42 down on ATP(S)and flown to MPA and then put on a emergency flight to chile and then a BA flight to london then met at London for a military helo to leeds so he could look after his child when his wife went in to hospital.
    However the Army can be a little bit different when it comes to dealing with problems like these. The crack on and deal with it later attitude comes into force. Which isn't a bad thing if on ops but when its your family and you are thousands of miles away you would want a little bit of consideration.
  13. I am not too sure where the racial discrimination charge fits in?/
  14. Neither do I?
  15. I can't believe she won that case......What a load of rubbish.
    As it was made clear to me at AIB, you are expected to sort out care arrangements for any dependants that you have yourself.

    The armed forces isn't simply a job, in some respects its a way of life, can't handle it? don't join.

    Whats next? No parents to be sent to warzones?

    To me she seems like another muppet looking for a hefty payout and another example of the parental entitlement complex, which I see more and more of.

    Yes there are many good parents (single or otherwise), however there is a growing number of parents generally who permanently have the hand out, expect special treatment (I should ge first dibs on holiday entitlements as I have children...wah wah wah, feel sorry for me) and go running to the papers or to a sympathetic judge.

    If this kind of attitude keeps up then perhaps it would be for the best if the forces had a blanket "no single parents policy", would rule out some potentially great candidates however the money saved might be substantial in terms of training costs, compensation payouts etc

    I'm not even gonna start about the muppets who think having kids entitles them to a disabled parking place.....Kids do not equal a disability
  16. How can it be discrimination by the Army? the Army do not and cannot decide who gets visas or long stay passes
  17. Then this itself would be discrimination would it not?

    Plus have a look on Arrse, the outrage bus is filling up quickly. I think they are off to the MT Section for more busses. Who else has got a FMT 500?
  18. Simple solution, copy the other countries in the commonwealth and stop recruiting from overseas, its an anomaly, which I don't quite understand. Surely if nationals from other commonwealth countries can join UK forces surely UK citizens should be able to join their armed forces?
  19. What does the future hold? The Regimental Creche? 8O

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