MOD Southwick Park / HMS Dryad ACCOMMODATION

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by mrLESNAR, Mar 17, 2010.

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  1. Hi,

    I have just received a draft to Southwick Park (formerly HMS Dryad). I think the place is now run by Army, and for some reason they take great pleasure in witholding information from me. Has anyone been there recently? I understand it is now the tri-service camp for the Reg's. If so what is the accommodation standard like for the JRs (permanent staff)?

    Any info would be great as I join in a month after surgery and will not have a chance to do a recce before hand.

  2. Not sure how it is now it's changed hands but I can wholeheartedly recommend the Southwick Brewhouse, which is just outside the gate. It's an old brewery run by two red nosed real ale drinkers. They will give you a free tour and some tasters providing you buy a few beers from their shop. The pub next door is pretty good too.
  3. Cheers, what' the local area like? I heard the local village is quite quiet? Which would suit me TBH as it'll save me some money!
  4. It's dead. Very small, quiet country village. There is a good dogging spot up on Portsdown though.
  5. Lovely part of the world. Good golf course too!
  6. So when did they move the main gate ?, far as I remember it was first right as you entered the village from Portsdown end down a long lane before you reached the Main Gate.
    The 'back lane' was a cinder track leading to the village coming out near The Beast/Old brewhouse, from what you describe 2DD it seems this is now the Main Entrance, I assume the former is now just access to the stables and Southwick Park Rec Grounds,?.
  7. Ah the Spring and Summer of 1980 in those crappy accomodation blocks blasting out Metamatic by John Foxx!!!. I see from google that they are long gone now.
  8. That was always the entrance we used to get in. I never actually lived there though, we were accommodated at Colllingwood and bussed over every morning so I didn't get to know the place all that well.

    Funnily enough there was a class of lads based at Dryad who were being bussed over to Collingwood everyday for their course. Fantastic planning I thought.
  9. The fog clears.
  10. I loved DOTS at Dryad
  11. Similar, double sausage and runny egg sarnie washed down wi' some strong sweet tea.
  12. The accommodation up there for ships co, is a six man flat with a shared bathroom and heads, with a kitchen.
    there is also a spare room that is big enough for sofas and a tv plus a bar in the corner

  13. Thanks for that.............. as a "foreigner to the area.
  14. I was there in 2000 and loved it. Pinsley House was a siht hole but it was only something like 30p a day to live there...bargain, and it was opposite the scran hall. I remember a certain WO Snoddon who used to terrorise us baby OM's for crap marching and general lack of military bearing...happy days.
  15. Tampax Towers you mean :?:
  16. Tampax Towers was luxury compared to the accomodation opposite which was condemned not long after I left there in 97. Can't remember the building name but it subsided. It was free of charge though when we stayed :lol:
  17. Nah, they moved all the lezzers out into the new accommodation down towards the bottom in a vain hope that the longer walk to the dining hall would do something about their Wrens Arse. After some thorough "investigation" though i can confirm that it was all to no avail! I was in Pinsley when we were in "lock down" after someone curled one out on the Padres desk, turned out it was some 'orrible Wren....classy!!

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