MOD Sex Discrimination Tribunal

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by TattooDog, Feb 3, 2010.

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  1. From the Portsmouth Evening News:

    A woman sailor awarded an MBE has won her case for sex discrimination against the navy.

    Portsmouth News Link

    Just posting the link since I saw it on the web site, but it seems like the RN could be looking at further claims.
  2. Re: RN Discriminated Against Female CPO

    I guess pusser better stand by as every non seagoing WREN will now want to be promoted and use the same lame excuse as this Chief did, how can she claim she is better qualified to be a WO if she has never done the full job? Disgrace.
  3. Re: RN Discriminated Against Female CPO

    Just had a word with my boss - aparrently only doing half my job WILL affect my promotion prospects. How very dare they :roll: :roll:
  4. Re: RN Discriminated Against Female CPO

    Why does she feel that she is entitled to be promoted. We all like to do our best but there was never a guarantee as to what rank/rate you would achieve during your time in the services.
  5. Re: RN Discriminated Against Female CPO

    I've always know pusser discriminated. For years they did it to me, just because I like Pernod. 8O :wink:
  6. Re: RN Discriminated Against Female CPO

    I think a big part of the problem is the way reports have been written in the past.

    Let's face it, how many people have had a 264, 206, RORRS or OJAR that actually said "this person is crap"? Instead, reports usually say that you're doing very well and have good potential, and it is the marks that decide your next rate or rank.

    The tribunal will look at the comments of past reports, see the good comments, look at the complainant's tits and come to the conclusion - discrimination!

    ps - OK, I know some people will have had reports telling them they are really crap, but you are exceptions!
  7. Re: RN Discriminated Against Female CPO

    The times that I was a casualty of the 'Feast of the Passed Over' was more often than I care to remember, maybe if I had been born with a front bottom I could have taken it further, what a load of bollox.
  8. Re: RN Discriminated Against Female CPO

    Isnt it reverse discrimination that they got to choose wether they went too sea
    fcuking splits
  9. Re: RN Discriminated Against Female CPO

    Personally I think she had a valid point. She'd already been local acting, the other candidates hadn't (according to press report anyway). If she wasn't worthy then she shouldn't have been local acting in the first place, one of the others should have AFAICS she's entitled to be pissed off seeing somebody else get promoted instead of her...
  10. Re: RN Discriminated Against Female CPO

    you get local acting by being in the right place at the right time. Perhaps all the other likely candidates where otherwise engaged serving at sea?
  11. Re: RN Discriminated Against Female CPO

    promotion in the navy without going to sea i think that is the point that grips people shit.
    I maybe wrong here but i would imagine women in the army have to go on excersize etc.
    I am also pretty sure if i had done 20 year plus sea time and got knocked back for a non sea going wren i would feel seen off to fcuk but i wouldn't be going down the sexual discrimination get out of jail free card you pc cotton wool SOB
  12. Re: RN Discriminated Against Female CPO

    But the RN told her that even though she was still not a seagoer, this would not effect her rights to promotion. So it's not her fault, it's the RN legal experts surely.
    !. Was she eligible for promotion? Yes - AFAIK.
    2. Was the fact that she was a non-seagoer an issue in this? No.
    3. Had she already been doing the job? Yes
    4. Could drafty have put someone else there instead of her? Probably - we all know that drafty works in wonderful mysterious ways.
    5. Do we know that all the other candidates who were not local acting were at sea? No.
    6. Do we know if the other candidates were suitable to be local acting at that time? Don't thinks so - at least I don't know, so can't really comment.

    You don't have to be female to be unfairly treated by the promotions board - I think we all know that. Personally, I think she's done well for sticking to her guns - it is clear that the people in the court also feel that she had a point that was worth taking up.
  13. Re: RN Discriminated Against Female CPO

    I was always of the understanding that WO is the only rate in the navy that you can not have at the Local Acting Rate. It's something to do with having the Queens Warrant.

    If I'm wrong I'l get my coat...........
  14. Re: RN Discriminated Against Female CPO

    I agree Drakey she was talking out of festering hoop. There is no such thing as a local acting WO. She might have been employed in a WO billet but would have been paid substitution pay if that were the case. She was therefore rewarded appropriately by the RN. blinking whineing split.

    Have a nice day

    Edited to delete sweary word as I neglected to note this was in current affairs.
  15. Re: RN Discriminated Against Female CPO

    How can anyone who has deliberately chosen not to deploy for a period of 13 years claim to have the neccesary qualities of commitment and loyalty to warrant(sic) further promotion? I suspect the members of the promotion board where of the same opinion. (I wonder why that defence wasnt used by the Mob?)
    If an ex blue badge female Chief seagoer( of which there are many) had been promoted on the same board she wouldnt have a leg to stand on.

    Eligability does not guarantee selection. Unless this lady was given a different brief to the rest of us.
  16. Re: RN Discriminated Against Female CPO

    I can assure you that she is no lady, she is a geordie.
  17. Re: RN Discriminated Against Female CPO

    Does this outrage bus still stop at Bridders 'twix Pompey & Guzz?
  18. Re: RN Discriminated Against Female CPO

    I thought I knew the name from when I was at Dryad - spent a lot of her time at N'wood
  19. Re: RN Discriminated Against Female CPO

    yup that's her.
  20. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Re: RN Discriminated Against Female CPO

    Nothing better than a bag of chips at 0300 hours at the Cafe Royal

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