"MoD set to sell off property in battle to balance books"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by soleil, Sep 27, 2009.

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  1. I dossed down in the Navy Buildings at Greenock for several nights in the 1970s while helping to run Allied reinforcement exercises in the Clyde. Challenger was being built at Swan Hunter at the time. I also served in a few ships that berthed regularly at Gourock, just down the road. The jetty was adjacent to a night club/disco called the Caledonia, much used by the American submariners based in the Holy Loch. Is it still there?
  2. Funny (not) how this current outfit are so adept at selling the family silver at the worst price then repeating the habit on the rent back.
  3. Gannet would make a nice holiday site as there is nothing on the site now the fuel tanks are empty.
  4. I agree with the unions on this one.

    Leaseback schemes are typical of this Government's mentality. Short term gain, long term disaster. We'll be paying interest on the failings of Labour for the next 50 years with all the various PFIs across the country. Labour always leaves the country bankrupt, but now they're leaving ongoing losses too.
  5. You mean Scott-Lithgow presumably?
  6. This shadows what the Conservatives done back in the 90's when Annington Homes got such a goldern contract. History repeats its self but not so soon after the last event.

    I wounder wish Minister will get rich of this one........? We can bet if won't be a Tory this time around!


  7. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Let me see if I understand your suggestion:

    1. "sell off" the MP pension fund to the private sector and use the revenue gained from the sell-off to shore up other areas of the economy;
    2. "buy-in" a private pension for all MPs at an inflated premium giving a lower ultimate return.

    This is exactly what MPs have been doing to the UK for many years, but I fear on this occasion it won't hold water since it would directly affect the MPs' gravy train.... but I like your thinking!
  8. Thank you, of course I do. Not the first time I've mixed them up for some reason and it serves me right for having too much faith in my memory at my age!

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