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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by HarryBosch, Jan 20, 2009.

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  1. I know the MoD News website is full of PR shite but I' getting fed up of reading this kind of US/Management shite - I once did a consultancy job at HQ Land Command and I saw then just how many career minded types love talking like this:

    Royal Navy notch up Iraqi Navy's training

    "The Royal Navy-led operation exists to train, mentor and advise the re-established Iraqi maritime forces and the coalition staff work alongside their Iraqi counterparts on a daily basis to help the Iraqi Navy and Iraqi Marines 'force generate' and transition to a level where they can provide security for Iraq's territorial waters and ports".

    So, RN et al helped the Iraqis to recruit, build, assist .. gave support and ... blah blah .. I'm sure others can put me right if I say that 'force generate' can be put in plain English. On the other hand I understand the word 'transition' - often used by used by fliers - is here simply being misappropriated by feckers who simply wish to sound like 'Masters of the Universe' a la MoD . Reducing the military (or the **** up known as Iraq) to yet another managerial description (a model of three interlocking rings anybody?) is crass, and I just wish the MoD site would stop doing it 'cause it ain't British!


    Edited for silly speling
  2. Yes, but saying 'Bunch of not overly enthusiastic at being in Basra Jacks teach the locals to drive a speedboat without running into things or falling out' doesn't sound so wizzy, does it?
  3. .....and when the RN is desparately fighting the Crabs and Pongos for the meagre pot of MOD money, all of this 'justification' is sadly necessary. I do however agree that the wording makes my teeth itch!
  4. A friend of mine who I went to school with a PO(AWW) has not long come back from there. He was teaching the Iraqi's. MOD EDIT FOR OPSEC AND PERSEC REASONS
  6. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Chaps, you have to looks across the whole piece, drill down and address the delta.

    'Transition' I get, 'generating forces' (but not 'force generate' [sic]) isn't too bad but yes, some staff speak grates and doesn't help communicate ideas and news outside a small group with a different dictionary to the rest of us. Now there is a ∆ that needs to be addressed.

    There is a thread on this somewhere already.
  7. Opps my apologises for making someone edit my post. Easy mistake

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