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Fcuk sake lads treat us as adults eh, current affairs is what it says on the in real time fluid moving topic, give us all a break with the heavy hand "I know best" shite, if you think something is borderline post a comment along the lines of " careful because of...x,y,z" then if some one fcuks up cull the topic, they've been warned. This "I know better than you" bollox is really condesending.

before you start on my spelling...fcuk off.


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hehe, I'm getting bored with the "look down your nose" attitude of a few mods, WOW, some journos might cast there eye on this site very occasinaly, well buga fcuking loo, I must have had over 100 articles written about me, all shite (apart from the good luvver one)...anyone one remember them?..NO

Journos dont turn up at there desk in the morning and think "fcuk..need a story...must look at arrse or RR" they drag their hungover arrses into work to be told by their sub editor or editor "you're doing a story on ..x,y,z fill it out.

They then write some bollox and look to substansiate it...thats where RR and Arrse come in, if they cant find a quote they'll make it up anyway so chill cant stop it


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To be honest a journalist who wants to substantiate a story is really looking in the wrong place if he or she comes to Rum Ration. The truth is all the information that we post up here is widely available on the thatinterwebthing anyway. I find it really annoying when the moderators lock the threads, and inefficient really, because all that happens is the thread re-opens somewhere else anyway.

Threads should only be locked if it violates either OPSEC or PERSEC in any way, in which case really only the offending post should be deleted, or the whole thread deleted at the moderator's discretion. The worst of the moderator offenders is Part_Time_Pongo, and although its good that he is monitoring and reading the posts, but perhaps he might be a little less inclined to lock threads?

I cannot blame him for doing as he thinks is best to comply with the wishes of the MOD, but journalist paranoia is not a good media relations policy. Actually it might be beneficial if journalists read some of our posts, as it might lead to a decrease in errors such as confusing us with the Army or RAF, which is often done when we are wearing camoflage or operating aircraft. Some of our speculations could even help a journalist when writing an article, using our links to sources that he can quote and use to substantiate a story, and get a more accurate picture of what is going on.

Quotes from Rum Ration members make for poor evidence, and editors would not print them because of the threat of libel. As many have said, this is a changing world and the face of conflict is changing with it. Since the Second World War, propaganda has been increasingly used as a weapon against the enemy, and so it becomes more and more important that to maintain morale on the Home Front that the media present the most accurate picture possible, providing that this picture does not compromise the security of our armed forces, their families or the security of our country.


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Peter you are 20 going on 60 get a life !! Half way through your post,s I fall asleep! Come into DL and lighten up!!


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We also have to be aware of the propaganda that is used against a country’s own people as well as the enemies of this country. I can think of a couple of blatant cases without having to think too hard

1) The lady reeled out to the world's media during the second war in the Gulf saying that the Iraqi troops had been raping the nurses in a Kuwaiti hospital
2) Bliar saying that the third gulf war was all about WMD and not regime change (as that would be illegal...)


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mmmmmmmmmmmm a likly story,,,,, you just dont want to share do you........ you know that all of RR agog at the thought of you and AAC...
your just making us wait,,,, you tease

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