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I was out the other night on the lash and saw military police full uniform just wondered if they do cross training with the normal police? It would make sense epically because they have been training up Afghan police.

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Military Police = RMP (Army).
Service Police = Army/Navy/RAF Police collectively.
MOD Police = Ministry of Defence Police.
"Normal" Police training? Some, yes.
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Basic police training for all,

Then to they went to other camps for further training

I went to Braintree to watch a friend son passed out. It was a clowdy day with a hint of something heavier coming. We saw some falkondry training, and then a display of how they overcome an attacker with a weapon.

We were all seated under marques watching all this, and presicely at 12.00 noon the cadets marched onto the parade ground.

It was then the rain started and we had terrentual rain all through the cerimony. We could not hear what the Chief inspecter was saying because it was drowned out by the rain. The cadets were then given there warrents before marching out at 13.00, and thats when the rain stopped and the sun came out.

We enjoyed it and the food afterwards.
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We saw some falkondry training, and then a display of how they overcome an attacker with a weapon.
I'd love to see a Falkond swoop down and savage an attacker with a weapon. That would be awesome.
Sorry bad vinger typing.

Mostly remember watching the cadets standing in the pouring rain and we were nice and dry. It was a though someone uptop had a sence of humour, and held the rain back until the cadets had arrived.


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Cheers just never seen it before...
Happens more often than people might realise. What location was it? What colour were the uniforms?

RMP tend to wear 'combats' (with appropriate PPE):

RAFP tend to wear light blue shirts:

RN Police usually wear white shirts:

...They were in the city centre with the normal police.
After 25 years in the RN (the last 12 in the Regulating Branch) and a member of a Home Office force on the South Coast since I retired, I have yet to meet any "normal" Police... :oops: :wink:
On my commute to work down the dreaded A14 I regulary see a RAF (Spit) Police car, its amazing to see how many people slow down, Look over then put the boot down :)

Also remenber doing CCS at Wittering (Guns, First Aid, Gassing etc) and they talk about speed limits around the base, one thing they mention is that you are to give way to Emergency Vechicles that may be going faster than the limit. They then point out to the Snowdrops they are not an emergency vehicle.

And when did Reggies become RN Police?

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