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Job Description

  • Unlike some Forces, there are no requirements for you to privately fund and attain a Certificate in Knowledge of Policing. The MDP will fully train you to the nationally recognised Diploma in Policing qualification (Certificate in Policing for officers in Scotland) during your probationary period
  • Currently we are seeking to fill vacancies in both England and Scotland.
  • Most officers begin their probationary service at either one of the MOD's nuclear sites, such as AWE Aldermaston or a Naval Base in the Clyde area.
  • Beyond the nuclear environment, the diverse range of sites and specialist roles available throughout the UK offers MDP officers a unique opportunity for a rewarding and varied police career.

Qualifications & Experience
With around 2,650 officers spread over many locations, and performing a range of different jobs, our organisation is so diverse that we need a wide range of people to join us.

The people we recruit come from all walks of life and bring with them a range of skills and abilities. We are looking for people who are capable of making clear judgements under pressure, people who can handle long periods of inactivity and still remain vigilant, and people who can react quickly and, just as important, reasonably.

For a full list of the entry requirements and details on how to apply please follow the link…

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