MoD Poker tourney??

I'm trying to kick off a bit of online poker tourney at some time in the near future. Anyone who's interested please either post here or PM me with evenings/days that'd suit you and your prefered site to play on and I'll try and come up with something to suit the majority!

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Does it provide a no-download Java client or Mac download option? KNow of a few guys who would be a little restricted without it! What sort of thing could we get there?
Interpoker doesn't have a no-download version, mostly it is the casino that use this. Poker rooms are not a major player in java, seeing as related sites can cross over skins. Take the Crypto sites for example, none of their poker rooms are java based. You will need to download the software.

However the difference with Interpoker is that you can deposit a min. of 20 units (£20/EU/$), party poker and such need you to make a min of 50 units. Also with Interpoker they have more tables, a wide variety if you'd like to call it that. The graphics and tables are simple yet advanced, you can fit 10 to a table, if you are looking for a tournament, I', taking it would not be a free roll and there will be a buy - in fee (is this the type you are referring to?), affiliates and the poker manager hold a right to free rolls but if you can provide what is needed, then bob's your uncle!

Also you have the choice to select if you want the tournie to be in EU/GBP's or USD's.
It would definitely be a buy in, probably £10 each. Ideally I'd like to get as many as possible - hopefully towards 20 people and try and make it a weekly or fortnightly event.

Not too fussed what currency probably £
After doing a bit of research (here, Arrse, e-goat etc) the main issue is a number of people are either using Macs or don't wish to 'download' a program. As a result the best suggestion has been to use has both a downlaod and a non-download Java option and also won a hatfull of gambling awards. It also allows us to run a private tournament which is ideal.

The next issue is what day and time to play. It's looking like evenings are the most popular but which evenings would everyone prefer? There have been a few calls for weekend games.

It'll only be for a small amount of money, £5 or £10, which'll make up the prizes.

This is the second time I've tried to get this off the ground so spread the word (here and elsewhere) and lets try and make it happen!


Looking at organising it for Tuesday about 2000 next week and depending upon interest maybe weekly or fortnightly after.

How does this suit those who are interested to play? :?: If it's given the general thumbs up I'll post the full details of how we're going about it before the weekend!

Right we're all set for Tuesday night at 2000 (assuming I've managed to work it out correctly from the American timings I've had to put in!). It's a $10 entry and allows 1 rebuy. To play everyone will need to have sorted their PokerRoom accounts and have at least $10 in there ready to play. I'd suggest doing this sooner rather than later as the creation of an acount may take a while.

The comp can be found in the Private table area under Scheduled area rather than Sit & Go. The tournament name is PumaTeam's as in PumaTeam's Private table - which incidentally is my username on the site. A bit sad I know. Once you've clicked on Go To Tournament, which has the full details of it, click on register and it'll ask you for a password - the password is ilovejpa

Hopefully we can finally get this off the ground this time. If everyone spreads the word, it might just work! It's your duty!

Any questions or suggestions post them in here or PM me, I'll do my best to check back as often as poss!

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