MoD pays £2.4m to a wounded Kosovan ... speaks for itself!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by SILVER_FOX, Nov 6, 2008.

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  1. MoD pays £2.4m to a wounded Kosovan... EIGHTEEN times what a British soldier got after losing both legs

    A Kosovan who was mistakenly shot in the jaw by a British soldier has been awarded £2.4million compensation.

    The huge sum is more than 200 times the amount available to a UK soldier suffering a similar injury in a battle.

    Another great victory for us. Our Kosovan friend was one of five driving around a building which the paras were guarding. Whilst driving they were shooting into the air. Honestly? What response did they expect from the paras who were subsequently cleared of any wrongdoing and yet we still bring this guy over and rebuild his face and then give him £2.4m? I suppose we will offer him citizenship, a flat in knightsbridge and his own private security detail too.

    It isn't just outrageous - it is absolutely insulting to our boys and girls who are killed or wounded in defending for this nation and doing its bidding elsewhere. I wonder what would happen if we tried a a few civil suits for reparations to the families of our dead and wounded in Iraq, Afghanistan or Kosovo?

    Now I'm really pi$$ed off.


  2. Ditto mate , pissed off as well , we are fxxxxxxxg stupid in this country , couldn't make it up as Littlejohn would say , sad ...
  3. Re: MoD pays £2.4m to a wounded Kosovan ... speaks for itse

    And £346,000 legal costs Now that is the real story!!

    His face was rebuilt by NHS surgeons. Did he have medical insurance 2.4 million should cover the air ambulance and hospital fees.

    Has he gone back or is he looking for property now in the UK along with all the other Kosovan's that offload at Liverpool Airport on a regular basis.
  4. Of course the two are not comparable as the Kosovans payout was a one off payment, but an injured serviceman gets other regular payments as well as the lump sum. Now whether that all adds up to the same I don't know but the headline figures are misleading.

    Having said that I think the payments are still to low and need to be both brought up to a comaprable value to an equivalent civilian award.

    ps legal aid is recovered from awards, at least for UK citizens it is.
  5. I hope to god that David Cameron can start to turn this country around from the nu labour hellhole which it has become. Blair and Brown have totally screwed everyone over in Britain apart from immigrants, who get preferential treatment to British people.
  6. My knob is in a bowl of creme anglaise.

    Yes, I'm fcuking dis custard.

    Whatever next?
  7. We are all playing the "Outraged of UK" card here.
    But, are we really surprised?
    Yes, a lot of it is down to Liebore, but where is the opposition?
    Where is the outcry from across the bench? I despair for our country as much as the next man, but I also despair for our political future too.

    The problem seems to me not so much that this man gets looked after after being wrongly shot, but that our own DON'T get looked after enough, which is why we need the likes of HfH.
  8. The compensation levels today are the result of the habit of the British to emulate America's habits: in this case the culture of litigation. At one time you just put up with it. These days, no doubt encouraged by entreprenerial lawyers, people are making claims where before they were satisfied with a pittance if they received anything at all. The problem is that the US needs a litigation culture due to its limited welfare programmes and the fact that those injured must usually meet their own medical fees via insurance.
  9. I really really hope this is a joke. REALLY.
  10. I wasnt being completely serious captainobv.

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