MOD Orders 14 Wookas for the Crabs

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by trelawney126, Aug 22, 2011.

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  1. They're for the Army not the RAF. That's like saying you're buying a new Merc for your Chauffeur :)
  2. The Army will probably be the main users, but they will be flown by Crabs and the livery will undoubtably be Crabs, so in this case MOD has indeed bought a new Merc for the Chauffeur.:-D
  3. I often allow my chauffeur to add his own air fresheners. He's still a peasant servant fúck. :)
  4. By buying the 14 new Chinooks they have placed a wedge between Crabo and the Merlin, as they have new airframes they are no longer able to say that they need to keep the Merlin, which now means 845, 846 and 848 can have them instead!
  5. I just hope the MoD's procurement bods have finally learned a little about contracts and we get some that we can use this time............

  6. Seriously? :laughing9: :laughing9: :laughing9: :laughing9: :laughing9: :laughing9: :laughing9: :laughing9: :laughing9: :laughing9:
  7. they must have forgotten about the f-35s

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