MOD online defence review survey

Thanks for the external Link that worked. The Intranet one certainly didn't.

Is it my paranoia or were some of those questions biased towards a particular probable answer? Also, weren't some of the important questions conspicuous by their absence?


War Hero
See also - the continuous attitude survey.

1. "The Royal Navy is ace, and I have full faith in God, the Church and The Government in making our world byoodiful and happy."

A. I agree
B. I kind of agree, but see what a cock I am by slightly doubting
C. Neither disagree nor agree, but then again I am as thick as a Gurkha's foreskin
D. I am a dabber. I have no tagible point of view, except for Eastenders

2. "I couldn't think of anyone on this planet who could do the hard work and justified managment than the recent Defence Secretaries. Blimey, they have a tough job with tough decisions, and everything they've done has been in good faith and for the betterment of the Royal Navy and me."

A. I agree
B. Perhaps. But what do I know, in Thickyland?
C. Can't make my mind up, but that's what it's like having no genitals
D. I am a dabber.
E. 40 days in Colchester, please.

3. "The MOD emplyees in Abbeywood are a knowlewdgeable, erudite and absolutely focussed group of trained, business-orientated individuals who are in no-way influenced by budgetary targets over safety, never in fear of losing their grip on promotion if they save 35p over a financial year and there's plenty of them to answer phones and be there to assist when required, if they're not playing golf, of course."

A. I agree
B. I agree
C. I agree
D. I agree
E. I agree

4. "The Government has a firm grasp on the complexities of modern campaigning, and the gesture of engaging primitive, determined and evasive desert warriors in their own back yards set against the lessons of history was a fantastic idea, if we are to rid the world of Terror."

A. I agree
B. Damned ragheads. They rape kids and grandmas
C. Get ma rifle, Cleatus
D. I disagree, but then again I blow Osama Bin Laden and his pals. Daily.
E. Allah, allu Akhbar!

5. "I have absolutely no problem with 500 years of traditional maritime defence being slowly wee-weed down the drain when the government bails out greedy, fraudulent banking systems rather than engaging in a defence maintenance programme which will enable us to force-project in an ever more unpredicatble global environment. It matters not one jot that Corporate interests and connections within the City and jailable fraudsters masquerading as MPs thumb their noses at the democracy we protect whilst round the other side of the world on Operation Change the TV Channel, British regulars and reservists are systematically blown to atoms ready for a clumsy Prime Minister to bleat meaningfully about."

A. I absolutely agree. Bring on the good times.
B. I dunno. I have no legs and one eye, and piss into a small bag.
C. Undecided, but then again I live in a shythole MQ having been off sick for four years with PTSD and am not worthy of opinion
D. I am a pinko conchie scaredy cat and hate war, and would rather my country be run by Kalid Sheikh Mohammed
E. I agree.


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