MoD News: "It's Military No Smoking Day"



I managed to get through 27 fine cigarettes yesterday, normally I only have about ten but I made a special effort.

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Ahhh, I remember when I used to smoke, I was thin and cool back then. Since giving up I have become fat and boring, at least I can look forward to a longer life of flabby boredom :-(


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Like most things that are worth doing it takes a bit of effort. You can try as many tricks to help you but ultimately you have to want to give up for the right reasons.
For me my Father died of lung cancer in 2006, and I wasn’t that worried about getting lung cancer but I was worried about dying young (he died in his early 50’s) and feeling that I hadn’t lived properly through constant procrastination. One of the things that I wanted to do was serve in some capacity and was drawn to the RNR, I thought that it would be difficult to pass the fitness tests if I was both daytime desk jockey and a smoker, so gave up smoking.
I just went cold turkey, it is a bit of a chore for the first two days or so, but after that you are over the chemical addiction and it is just a question of breaking the habitual addiction.
Just curious, or thinking of giving up yourself?
I gave up using the 'stop smoking' clinic at PJHQ, Northwood in August 2006. I was a 40 a day man prior to that, can't thank them enough. It took me a while to get off the gum after that though, it was too easy obtaining it through the sick bay! I've put on weight but my overall health has improved no end, oh and I'm much better off in the finances department too!