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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by trelawney126, Aug 20, 2012.

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  1. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    An opportunity here, which will proably be gratuitously missed, to use the 155mm gun with intelligent Raytheon round so as to do NGS with far less ammunition expenditure = saving in weight and storage to be set against increased weight of gun and scantlings to support it.

    I imagine the UAVs would have to be helicopters.

    However after huge expenditure on studies it probably won't get built anyway. Hope it has Flag accommodation!
  2. ....... MoD will purchase 13 to replace the current 13 Type 23s.......?

    What? Like they bought 12 Type 45s to replace the 12 Type 42s, no sorry, 9......, no sorry, tell you what we'll take 6.

    Let's hope this time they pop in a proper VLS 21 instead of the limited payload French crap.
  3. Probably, in the Flag Locker abaft the bridge
  4. Good that we don't count the lost Type 22s then.

    Is it true that QuinetiQ (or whatever stupid name they gave it) has applied quantum mechanics to allow a single warship to be in more than one place at the same time?
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  5. Really cant believe that the aim is to build only 13 of these ships?? a minimum of 25 should be the very least!
    Any one know what sort of costs per unit we can look forward to? a late type 23 cost around £200m i believe? or are BAe going to screw us over and we will end up with about 6 of them... :(
  6. Nope! You'll be thinking of DSTL as they hived all the good and futuristic bits of DERA off when they formd QinetiQ. Qinetiq is a 'normal' company now. I think Mod relinquished the 51% share or whatever they had.

    Standing by to be corrected.
  7. The concept of a seagoing 155mm gun has been around for donks, I first came across it when I worked in RNAD, sorry, DLS Gosport, way back in the nineties. Sampson radar seems to have fallen off the mast to be replaced by a much smaller unit. Has this happened in reality, I've heard buzzes about the mast not being able to take the weight? Accomodation for 190 but a ships company of about 120, why all the extra space? 13 to be ordered from 2015, but no date of laying down the first of class.After years of wrangling pusser will end up with half a dozen, if they are lucky. MOD has 11billion set aside for the programme, but how much did the last type 45 cost? Sorry, lots of things just don't add up.
  8. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Onions, the extra space will be for whatever Ops these ships are envisaged to be likely to conduct. Think about the last few international incidents, how often has the RN evacuated civilians from trouble spots? Also, carrying EMF is becoming far more common, not just with LPD's.
  9. The seagoing 155mm was all predicated on being able to use common ammo with the pongos. All well and good in terms of bore, but a bit different in terms of shell and charge and how they're packaged and handled. BAES were working on putting an AS90 barrel into the Mk8 turret, but as it cost money was binned in favour of an OTS solution, which essentially means 127mm.

    There's no SAMPSON on the mast because there's no PAAMS / Sea Viper on the ship. T997 (Artisan) + SeaCeptor (no, me neither) is the AAW element.

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