MoD MIlitary Allowances Package Review - Released today!!


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Make sure to attend a briefing or get hold of a briefing pack of the new allowances review, which will be released later this morning.

Particularly big news for those of us working in London, receiving FIA or who may use their own vehicle for travelling to work or attending meetings even.

Quick guide - FIA will be reduced by 1/3; London allowance for all ranks above OR5 will be removed entirely; susbsistence allowance IE has been removed entirely; If you live in SSSA and receive FIA and are within 3 miles (as the crow flies) of a messing facility you will lose FIA and be expected to use the service mess for food; MMR will be reset to the HRMC rate.

LOA is reduced by variable degrees and for those in NW Europe the car buying/selling scheme is withdrawn (whatever that was?)

Lot's of other nuances but nothing positive.

In general the whole allowance package has been reviewed but CEA rates and SP are not affected by this current review but are subject to ongoing work which will carried out throughout 2011.

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