MoD loses wills written by Armed Forces personnel


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Not at all surprised..

I keep a copy of my will with my sister, so that if anything happens, the MoD can't pull a stupid stunt like that.
Marine Neil's will found after 'error' at MoD office

As a result of the loss, his Woolwell-based fiancee Kate Miller, a primary school teacher, stood to lose half of the house after the MoD could only find his will from 2004 which named his mother as the main beneficiary.
Kate was not allowed to walk behind his coffin at his military funeral after being told by the vicar that there was nothing to prove she was his "next of kin".

Vicar's :x :x :x


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I'm confused here, is the Widows pension the young lady is in receipt of the result of Marine Neil's death or was she already a widow?

I agree with you - very confused. If she is receiving a widow's pension (however they define it) then she must be recognised somewhere in the system as being his former partner and consequently his "widow".

We need a legal beagle on this!

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