MoD in Court of Appeal bid to reduce 2 Compensation Awards

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by soleil, Jul 26, 2009.

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  1. Re: MoD in Court of Appeal bid to reduce 2 Compensation Awar

    Shows the contempt with which the Labour party regard the military vote.
  2. Re: MoD in Court of Appeal bid to reduce 2 Compensation Awar

    Perhaps Mr.Ainsworth would like to make an appearance in front of the TV cameras and explain why the MOD(for that read Labour government) is quibbling over compensation.I for one am not holding my breath in anticipation.
  3. Re: MoD in Court of Appeal bid to reduce 2 Compensation Awar

    That's the trouble with the Armed Forces; you give 'em eff all and still they want more!
  4. Seems to be one law for pornopadres and another for those who tangibly serve their country. Typical British "justice".
  5. Re: MoD in Court of Appeal bid to reduce 2 Compensation Awar

    The sums being contested appear to be less than those claimed by politicians for their expenses. It beggers belief that we see politicians of all denominations acting so piously when meeting our troops, showing "support" when the real reason is only to highlight their own career prospects and reflect them in a good light. The appointment of Mr Kite ( Bob Ainsworth) was just another affront to our armed forces. :evil:
  6. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Does anyone really hold the belief they owe anything to this government? Sorry to come over all mutinous, but I serve the people of this country - i.e. the electorate. I have no allegience to career parliamentarians, ex-union big-time-charlies (like Ainsworth) and least of all, Gordon Brown. That is a horrid situation to be in. I have always held faith in the government, regardless of any misgivings with previous conflicts they have contracted us to enter into. Sure, it seems like they 'pay' us for that, but all that is is third-party paymastering. Recent opinion polls show reasonable support for our missions overseas but I feel that is moral support for our commitment and endeavour, rather than an endorsement for governmental policy. Brown, et al, needn't glean any comfort from the fact that the nation appears to be on their side in any measure regarding the armed forces - I credit this nation with more intelligence that they know full-well how much we are being rear-ended by this shower of incompetent clowns.

    And let's not get away from the basic fact that you can pretend to pump more helicopters into the sandpit, pool your recources (the latest ministerial party-line soundbite) and waffle infinately on how much extra billions have been allocated to this crappy conflict - it is only a matter of time before the Taleban bring down a Chinook full of troops with a fortunate shot from the shoulder.

  7. Why not for excercise,cut off a few limbs from some MP's and see how they cope with the trauma etc.
    Oh I forgot,once you've lost a limb or eye or your mental well being you cant really get them back.

    How silly of me.
  8. I can't see why the name Gordon Brown has been tied in with the attempt to reduce the payments, he is one of the lads.
    I heard him say and saw it on television :

    "WE" so he must have been alongside them fighting.
  9. Aye the main things is though at least the Lesbian Soldier who was leaving the Army anyway got far more money than these guys ever did
  10. How about all MP's who have a constituant in Afghanistan get sent on a fact finding trip. Not the normal sort where they fly in, eat din dins in a nice A/C tent meet a select few shake hands and leave for a comfy hotel room. Instead they are flown in on a C-130, given a bergan and an SA-80 and told to hump it with the lads for a few weeks then we shall see who is worth what, would keep the expenses low too as their meals are found and accom is a tent or whatever other cover is locally available.
  11. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Haven't you realised that being an MP means that the normal rules of society no longer apply? Having the right to be called "Honourable" means that there's no longer any need for normal audit and accounting rules to be followed - the very idea that anyone called "Honourable" would do anything contrary to either the law or society's moral standards is beyond belief. As if this isn't enough, the hardship of working in close proximity to the enemy... er the opposition, more than merits the thousands of pounds of hardship allowances that they're paid - add to this the danger money that they all merit (the aphrodisiac nature of power means that they're more likely to play away from home and then get caught in a paparazzi exposure with the consequential damage to health and wealth from the scorned spouse!). As the L'Oreal adverts say, "You're worth it".

    When will Parliament wake up to the absolute disgust in which they are regarded by people in the real world? Must get my overseas voter registration done so that I can at least add my "X" to voice my displeasure with the current regime
  12. Re: MoD in Court of Appeal bid to reduce 2 Compensation Awar

    We'd have to get the twonk back from holiday to do it! Couldn't have chosen a better time to be away, eh?
  13. Our MP's will never ever believe that the entire country holds them and what they have done to Parliament in the deepest contempt. They are far too wrapt up in their own little, money grabbing, expences fiddling, ego tripping world. To slip out, under cover of the autumn recess the fact that they have given themselves carte blanche to rip us off for another 9K each year without having to produce a single receipt, on the very day that this disgraceful government goes to court to claw back compensation from those injured on active service is indicative of the total lack of morals of any member of this government. The fact that the opposition didn't table any motion in the House opposing governments' course of action tells us all we need to know about Conservative party as well!

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