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I was issued with an MOD ID card at HMS Excellent in January. Yesterday I paid a visit to HMS Collingwood and showed it at the main gate. The MGS muppet would not accept it as valid ID. When I asked why, I was told that Collingrad don't recognise the details that are printed in White. They are, 03/12/2011 and HME.

Can anyone explain this anomaly?
For reasons I would have thought were obvious, it's not a good idea to discuss specific features of MoD/Service ID cards or establishment entry procedures in the public domain, e.g. this website. Recommend you edit>delete your post.
NG, all I am asking is why details in WHITE print are acceptable in one establishment but not at another. Are you itimating that all MOD establishments have different coloured codes? Your reference to Opsec/Persec has nothing to do with it and if you know the OBVIOUS reasons, I would be most grateful if you shared them with me. To me it is typical left hand not knowing what right hand is doing.
A reasonable question I thought, and worth a reasonable answer.

Why are ********* uptight about Persec and Opsec on here?

Oh I know the Press and the Lord High Admiral reads this site every fukcing day. Even tho` it is an unofficial site.

You`ll be trying to ban Norman next for breaching the truth about the Admiral to Ship Ratio.
Just to add to my posts. As I was stood waiting for my details to be sorted out, a man came in with a piece of paper with a contractors name on it, and he was going to such and such a building. He was given a temporary pass with no questions asked and no form of identification asked for!
Why don't you take it up with Collingwoods security officer?

I think you'll find the MGS 'Muppet' was probably a ex serving member of the forces who as a civvy has to do what the **** he is told to by his security officer.


Another muppet!!!!!!


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higthepig wrote
Why are ********* uptight about Persec and Opsec on here?
Because it annoys you? :wink:

Onions, your question doesn't justify an answer. What subtle signs on IDs or passes mean (or not) isn't for open forum. Anyway, it isn't clear if you are talking about a MOD 90, a MOD CS staff pass or a contractors' white van parking permit. Address your concerns to whoever issued your ID.
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