MoD criticised for soldier deaths

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by SILVER_FOX, Feb 15, 2008.

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  1. Two coroners have criticised the government for the deaths of three soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    First time I've seen two separate coroners come out gunning against the MOD and the treasury. Bet they didn't like that and I have no doubt that someone will come out and spin their way out of it.

  2. Saw the report on the TSW news tonight, and boy, did they give the MoD some stick. Interesting that several members of the Regiment of one of the victims appeared and condemned the system that sent them into action without the proper gear needed. Be interesting to see tomorrows (Saturday) papers to see how much coverage it gets. Also hope that no action will be taken against those pongoes who spoke out.

  3. I think the Army ''inquest '' actually noted the problem with the lack of
    suitable weapons available so the coroners were basically confirming the findings.
    The guys that were jumped couldn't defend themselves against
    an enemy with ''superior'' fire power .

    :nemo: :nemo:
  4. Proof that the BBC censores news items:

    The father in the interview actually said ....Chancellor, that pillock Gordon Brown,.....

    Why are they not reporting all that was said.
  5. On the tour when Jim died, the kit shortage was harped on about for ages, even when the kit did arrive (some 6-8 weeks after the incident) the RQ would give it all out as he said to me ' you can't take a Minmi to Sangin, because I won't have any left here (in the armoury)' It's not like it was being fu**ing used! the ammo was poor as well, the .50 batch didn't work, we had stoppages every 2-3 rounds and ended up scrounging off the Shakies, Estonion and Canadians...Good old British Army!!
  6. Administrative Error = Political Miscalculation.... then panic :evil:

    Perhaps the best way to keep the pollies on their toes is to force one Labour MP to resign for every solider killed. That is the language pollies understand: loss of political power. :twisted: :rambo:

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