MOD Civvies "Punching above their weight"

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Joint_Force_Harrier, Aug 7, 2008.

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  1. We have all met one, that ex matelot that cannot leave it alone and is still bitter and twisted they never got higher than AB.

    Went into Yeovilton clothing stores to get a new pair of highleg boots a few years back. Popped them on the counter and some civvy gave me the "What do you want nod", (Wasnt that top bloke Eddie Weston). "Can I have a new pair of boots please", without a word he took them and returned 5 mins later with one brand new one and one that had been obviously worn. "any chance of a matching pair please" I asked, " this is loan clothing not cash clothing" was his reply.

    "Well any chance of a left and right then", I replied. His face was a picture as he wondered off chuntering and returned handing me a new pair in a box.

    Or Ex PO Chefs who buy all the food!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. That's ace. Fast (Nee P1ssed) Eddie would've given you 2 new pairs and let you keep the old ones for decorating in!

    When the new all black foulie jackets came out, I got mine and within 2 weeks the zip broke. Defective kit says I, I'll get a new one. "No chance", says me Civvy storeman (at Sultan), "there's trainees who still haven't got these, and it's got to last you 5 years anyway".

    Who employs these people?
  3. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Couldn't agree more about slops in Sultan. Was it the fat c*** by any chance? I've recently had the misfortune of going in there whilst at Sultan and he's a proper miserable b******. Sucks his teeth and shakes his head at every request then drips that Drake don't fill in kit record books properly. Obviously one of those who pays for the kit himself.
  4. Yeah the Slug, as I like to call him.

    Wait til he's out the back and see the Welsh fella. Much better results mate.
  5. You can blame the MOD / Government for running the mob down !

    Now, in the old days (much swinging of lamp here ) a real Dusty would've sorted you out (with a coupon/sippers or two passing between the two of you ..... all above board of course ;) )

  6. There was a civvy blanket stacker on 60 Sqn who was reluctant to give any one the steam off his p1ss. Ex Flt Sgt, miserable git and bar. Other civvy stackers elsewhere were much more co-operative, especially for a slab.
  7. Grubber. Ah, now what you should have done is got a Form S2022 (stores defect report form), filled it in and given him that with the U/S kit. That would have poxed him off from 2 angles; he couldn't have refused a one for one exchange and it would have given him some additional admin. There would have been a side benefit in that the S2022 would have gravitated to the operative who'd provisioned the defective kit and drawn attention to a possible weakness. That way, crap kit gets noticed and resolved at source.

    Remember; they are called stores because they are for storing. If they were meant to be issued they'd be called issues. Secondly, he is a storeman, not an issueman.
  8. Never heard of that form, but everyday's a school day. Will remember that for next time. :)
  9. Slightly concerned that a 'tech' rate has never heard of a S2022, oh well.
  10. Look you lot, why do you think they are called Stores, they are for storing things. Now if they were handed out willy nilly as you all seem to want by going into said stores to exchange of have items issued they would be call "Exchange/Issues" but no they are called STORES so if you get all the items you request what will thay store, nothing.

    Please, Please Get Up To Speed.

  11. Attending a range course at Faslane last month, I called in at slops....

    'Can I have pair of High Legs please, here's my kit book?'

    'Your RNR..! Why do you want HL's?' says the good lady behind the counter.

    'To go with the C95's I've been issued as a AWFP rating...part of my job an' all that..'

    'But you shouldn't have been issued C95's. What unit are you?'

    'Ceres' I tell her,

    And to my disbelief, she actually picks up the phone to Calliope (our parent unit) and Eaglet and proceeds to investigate why and under whose authority I have been issued combats, quoting chapter & verse to the person on the other end all about scale of kit issues.

    Complaining that the stores person in Calliope was on maternity leave and 'should have been there' to stop this highly illegal issue some weeks earlier, she then offers to let me BUY some boots..!

    Nearly fell down the flight of stairs laughing. :w00t:
  12. When i was in phase 2 i had this same problem. Only at collingwood. The zip was defective after being in the mob for all of about 11 weeks. #Went to stores and was told i had broke it wearing it turned up. I said i dont wear it turned up, the storeman called me a liar and said he had seen me doing it. Which he had not.
    He then said it was my duty to maintain my kit and i had to fix it myself as it had to last me 5 years. When asking him how the hell i replaced a zip on a waterproof jacket while keeping it watertight he was totaly answerless and offered to sell me a new jacket.
    So i ended up just using the velcro until i got out of collingwood and to a unit.
  13. Ah the old civvie/Military clash.

    I guess, if you think someone's a complete idiot then, 9 times out of 10, they'll think the same about you...
  14. I always found tins of coffee very good trading items as well as sugar and tea.
    The bartering that went on in Collingrad was a joy to behold you could get almost anything if the swap was right. :thumright:
  15. Use a different stores system to you skimmers. If it's broke when it turns up, I give it to the relevent trade CPO and/or QA manager, who normally sorts it out while I get on with the business of installing a serviceable item.
  16. Tut tut Grubber you don't know about a 2022, I take it you are a supervisor. Your Po's, CPOs and Quality System Co-ordinators won't be there for you forever, I suggest you do a bit more studying with regard to Fault Reporting wouldn't want you using a Quality Occurence Report when you could have raised the relevant 2022, you may look a right tit. As a Supervisor life is not all about installing serviceable items, I take it you do know how to do the paperwork associated with maintenance and installation of serviceable items.
  17. I've been a Sup for long enough mate, but if you don't use something, why would you know about it? As with most things, if you have to do it, you learn quickly enough.
  18. If you don't know about 2022's then I think you havent been a Sup long enough me old mucker, more time with the books methinks.
  19. No thanks, I'll do that when I need to. 'Til then I'll carry on as I have for the past 4 or 5 years thanks. Never raised a QOR either, though I've done more mf760's than most. Just what happens when you work nights most of the time. As I said, I've never raised a form, but that doesn't make me a lesser S/R than you, just means I haven't been in that position or held a PLR. I'm sure I could find the policy and follow the instructions. Failing that, stores aquaint is a pre-flight TEM, which I'll be doing shortly. I'll be sure to ask the jack-dusty.
  20. Best of luck with the flight, I am sure you will have no problems and never once did I state that you were a lesser Senior Rate than I, assuming I am a Senior Rate. However I would suggest that whilst the books will always be there and I admire and encourage your use of them it is also worthwhile being aware of certain info and where it is contained so that you can access it when it is needed, just because you have never had a PLR is no excuse fr not knowing about 2022's as they are not only raised for defective items of clothing but also Weapons and lots more infact they are pretty much the MF 760 of the General Sevice world, and also a form much used by the FAA, so it might be worthwhile having a read about them when you get back to work, you will learn something useful, honest.

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