MOD Civil serpents bonus awards

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by YouAreHavingALaugh, Nov 12, 2009.

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  1. What has not been made clear and I am not aware of is:

    Does MOD Civil Servants pay come out of the overall MOD budget.

    This extract makes me think it does:

    The MoD said the bonuses would average less than £1,000 this year and did not affect the budget for equipment.

    A spokesman said: "These pay awards are met from within salary budget and have no impact on the operational or equipment budget.

    If it is so and their pay does come from the MOD budget, it smells of the answer we are always given about whose budget it comes from, however at the end of the day the budget is MOD and if you are paying millions of pounds in bonuses, somewhere else has to give up something in return.

    Maybe they get bonuses for how much money they can save!!
  2. You are partly correct. Use of resources is considered in the Bonus review process. To put this non story into perspective, reading is recommended of; (annex G)

    Put simply, the Bonus system was a trendy gimmick to appear to reward hard work and good performance while making pay rises cheaper. That is, poor performers received no rise and the OK performers’ rise became largely a lump sum, not countable against pension rights. The word Bonus is, of course, very emotive these days.

    You will find few Civil Servants who like the system or prefer it to getting proper pay rises.
  3. This is classic Government spin.

    Average less than £1000. This will be the total bonus pot divided by the number of MoD civil servants, despite the fact that the vast majority will receive no bonus at all.

    This Government is a disgrace.
  4. I can think of plenty of resources that £47 million could have spent including body armour, jackals and the like for the boys in Afghan.

    Civil Serpants piss me off and I used to be one, albeit only for two years.
  5. 50,000 MOD civil servants are due to receive performance-related bonuses this year according to this Guardian article that quotes posters on ARRSE (link). A quarter of civil servants earned less than £15,430 a year in 2006 (link) and things haven't changed that much since. The so-called bonus is a significant portion of civil servants' income but comes in lieu of proper pay rises and the pension rights that go with them. Time to pay them a proper salary instead. It's what they want too.
  6. This scheme has been in effect since 2002, so why wasn't the outrage bus wheeled out then ? I got a bonus payment that year of £300 (taxable), and the decree on high was 50% of the division would receive it, and did. Just another excuse to slam the MoD and civil serpents, many of whom don't deserve the abuse.
  7. Do we need 84 ministers? Amuses one when one spots another minister with a Jackanory title
  8. As a MoD civil servant I feel kinda qualified to comment.

    The bonus scheme was put upon us to make us more productive!!!! A bonus would make us more focused.

    From the outset the majority of civil servants that I am contact with were against the scheme. It has as we thought, been contentious from the outset. It has a negative effect of workers who's loyalties have been towards the MoD in general and the support of the troops we work for.

    If whomever writes your report is eloquent, then the chances of getting a bonus is quite good if not tough. So, if you are a tosser and your boss is very good with the written word, bargain - you win. If on the other hand you are the best thing since sliced bread and your boss is a tosser - you lose. Get the idea!!!

    Over the years we have said get rid of the bonus system and either up pension contributions or put the allocated dosh back into the pot for use towards more worthy projects.
  9. Concur with the other Civil Servants that have commented on here. Call us Civil Serpants if you like but over the years consecutive governments have screwed us. I got a "bonus" of £330 after tax this year and no pay rise. The "bonus" does not count towards my pension or my lump sum. It is a cheap and, less than cheerful, way of not giving us a pay rise whilst pissing off the rest of the public by calling it a "Bonus". Rest assured the Civil Service as a whole hate the system as it is devisive and unworkable, but we are stuck with it as it was imposed by the Treasury when someone called Brown was in charge.
  10. I would not dispute the comments from our local serpents. Individual bonuses like these can be divisive, they do not accrue to your pension etc etc. One of the problems though in government service is that particularly for the higher paid help pay and pension is based very much on empire size so the real drive to be lean mean and effecient and effective is often not there, the opposite in fact. Now for me in private land one of the key measures is margin ie how much less that I get in do I pay out. This isn't really there for serpents so real grading other than by empire size can be difficult. One continually stumbles over things in serpent land where you can see that despite many actions taking place in the process most do not add either any value or betterr managementr of the process.

    I would suggest that whilst criticism of serpents is normal individuals should not take this personally the system is the problem and it is not even confined to the MOD it goes through everything the dead hand of government be it local or central falls upon.
  11. An additional waste emanating from the totally crass Bonus scheme is the way it diverts people away from the “day jobâ€. Annual reports take longer for both the reporter and the reportee because some poor bugger’s pay (not pensionable) depends upon it. Bonus Award Assessors have to go on training courses to perform that function. They then have to put more time aside from the job they are really paid for to allocate the “awardsâ€. The good ones try to see past the eloquence or lack of from the 1st RO but it’s still a bit of a lottery and dilutes already stretched resources.

    Thank you once again New Labia.
  12. Equally the top Neddies will also have estimated the number of man hours needed to carry out the task and aadded that number on to the number of serpents they needed before the scheme was introduced. Serpentry cannot funtion unless administration is maximised independantly of any output.
  13. Coming next…

    Brown announces he's stopping 'greedy civil servants' bonuses to rapturous cheers from the baying press and public…

    No bonus, no pay rise, bonus for the Treasury, another 'bonus' scheme tackled, bonus brownie points for the Government.
  14. Care to tell us where you get your information?

    Gordon Brown promises to examine MoD bonuses:

  15. Bloody hell, that didn't take him long to react as predicted! 8O
  16. For those of you who knock civil servants, just think who repair damaged tanks, planes and ships when they return from operations.

    We work long and hard to ensure front line troops get what they ask for. Maybe the procurement side get it wrong but - who doesn't.

    Life isn't perfect.
  17. You don't have to excuse yourself Waspie, there are a lot of nobbers on here that haven't a clue what they are talking about, they probably don't even know what a civil servant does, including one who even claims he was a civil servant but still spouts bollox.
  18. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Sounds like an all round stitch up to me.

    So what bit of important news is this diverting attention from?
  19. Totally agree WB, time to hide bad news methinks. Notmechief has got it right. There are a lot of people who don't understand the MOD Civil Service. Alot of us do support the front line directly and quite a few are out in the Sandy places with the Services. It boils down to who writes the article and how they spin the news. Whilst I know that the big house in London is top heavy, and attracts the big bonuses, please don't tar us all with the same brush.
  20. £330 is hardly a bonus to worry about, i think it is the media shit stirring as usual. And lets be honest what about the Armed forces 5 year bonus and i think the 8 year bonus ?, yes it is a retention bonus, but at the end of the day its stll a bonus.
    Just out of curiosty how much are civil servants on in Afgan ?, also according to the media there is some on the front line ?? i thought they would of been based at Kaf or Bastion.

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