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I had my Pre Royal Navy course in MOD Caledonia (Rosyth) last week, and although there are similar posts regarding people’s experiences at the PRNC they tend only to be that of those who have done there’s at HMS Collingwood. So here is my day to day experience of my PRNC.

Day One:
My train from Leeds to Edinburgh was roughly 09:08 AM, arriving into Edinburgh at 12:03. After getting off the train in Edinburgh I started to notice other people who were dressed smartly and carrying overly large bags similar to me. After engaging in chat it was confirmed that these folks were also here for the PRNC. We proceeded to our next platform and caught the train to Inverkeithing. Take all of this time to chat with those around you as the majority of the first day was just death by PowerPoint. After waiting on the station 2 staff from MOD Caledonia arrived on their little minibus to take us to the base. After a short 5 minute drive we arrived, left our bags outside our bed and filed into the class room for a health and safety brief. Following on from this we were assigned a number, and given a key to our personal locker in our mess. We unpacked our clothes from our bag and headed back to the classroom for an ice breaker, (if your looking to become class leader/deputy/bosun, this is your time to shine). Finally on the first day we had a lesson in how to make our beds with hospital corners and iron and fold our shirt and trousers to A4 size. We then had roughly 2 hours to chill out before lights out at 10:30, however most people spent this time ironing and folding their clothes and making their beds.

Day 2:
Lights on at 5:45 however me and the two other lads in our room agreed to set our alarms for 5am so have more time to prepare our beds for our first rounds of the week. Rounds were conducted formally at 6:30 sharp and following on from that we headed for breakfast. Eat well but don’t full yourself up or it will end up coming back up during your run. After breakfast you head to the classroom for a pay and pensions brief before heading out for your 2.4km run. This only lasts 12 mins max, so even if your dead unfit just push yourself as there will be a lot of eyes on you. I managed to do mine in 09m26s which is a personal best for me. After the run you head straight to the gym for your introduction to IMF, don’t be nervous for this, everyone was out of their comfort zone during this, even the incredibly fit ones. Just give 100% even if you can’t go any more. Also make sure you don’t scratch your balls, shiver, smile, laugh, cough, or literally anything that involves movement. Just pick a spot on the wall and stare at it. One guy forgot to shave in the morning so we all had to do 40 push ups! After the IMF your day gets a bit more easier, a team game called bucket ball (also try your hardest and show your team work skills, but equally have some fun!). Afterwards you head to the armoury and spend the rest of your day in the classroom before again having plenty of time in the evening to relax and buy some snacks from the tuck shop (as much irn bru as you can drink).

Day 3:
In my opinion this was the best day out of them all and by far the most interesting! Wake up again at 5am, make your beds, lay your kit out and relax a little before rounds. Head for breakfast, similar to before, don’t eat too much or else your gonna fill the pool with sick. After breakfast you head to the classroom again before falling in outside to head to the pool for your swim. The swim is fairly easier than I was expecting. You sit around the edge of the pool and six people conduct the test at any one time. The first test you start by stepping into the pool (don’t jump) and when instructed to you swim to one end of the pool and when instructed to turn you head back and get out of the pool unaided (I looked like a seal flying out of the pool on my belly, don’t be embarrassed by looking like a muppet). You then get some overalls that fit you and put them on. You head over to the pool again however this time you step in, tread water for two minutes (do this slowly and conserve energy, I found that the overalls helped you float) after two minutes you conduct the same swim as before and also get yourself out of the pool at the end. PASS OR FAIL TESTS ALL DONE YAY! After this, you head for a life in the Royal Navy presentation and eat a packed lunch in the classroom before heading to Faslane. The coach journey is roughly 2 hours long, you can’t take your phones due to security but all the lads on the bus made it enjoyable, you can also catch up on some sleep if you want to! You arrive at faslane and go for a quick chat with the chaplain about pastoral care and religion in the forces. This lasts about an hour. We then headed for a circuit with the PT at Faslane. This was easily the hardest thing we did on the entire 4 days, we conducted a circuit to a bleep test and EVERYONE struggled. It was painful and it got everybody aching. We then went for scran before heading over to HMS Vigilant for a tour. This was the best thing I’ve ever experienced. We spent around an hour on HMS Vigilant before catching the bus back to MOD Caledonia.

Day 4:
Wake up and spend even longer on your kit as the most important rounds of the week takes place when the most senior officer there comes to inspect your kit and beds. Don’t be nervous, he is a very very nice guy and spent most of it having a chat about his life and a few tips too. You then head for breakfast, return back and get into your gym gear. You then commence the 4K run. This is around the base and the PT will stop you quite often to conduct sprints, squats, press ups, sit ups and burpees. If he says do 15 burpees then do it, don’t try cheat, he is always watching and we had to do an extra 20 because someone did 14 instead... the 4K isn’t too hard and even though you only stop to do more exercises it gives your legs a rest inbetween. After the 4K you head back, pack your bag, and head downstairs for a final brief and an interview to say how well you’ve done. You also get a T-Shirt and you take your boots home too (you get these on your first day). You then get on the bus and head home!

A few tips:
- don’t be afraid to look an idiot, I hated having to shout left right left right whilst marching but I did, everyone around you has done the same thing before.
- always give 100% even if you can’t continue, if your arms are shaking they will see your giving it your all.
- everyone learns as a team, if one person lets you down it won’t just be them doing press ups, you all will be, so help each other!
- make sure you shave!
- learn the ranks fast
- don’t give the PT any reason to hate you. Right from the off give it your all.
- Finally, it’s a week long interview, you’ll always be getting watched, always give 100%, work as a team and more importantly have fun!

Hope this helped, if you have any more questions just reply to this and I’ll answer them!


Lantern Swinger
Sure you're joining as mw and not a writer? ;)
Haha sounds abit more tough than Collingwood (for me anyway) as we only got 10 pushups max as a punishment :D


How long was the intro to IMF? Do they supply you with kit or do you wear your own gym clothes?
@LeedsBornLeedsBred - 10/10 for a commendable Post, indeed a gem amongst the recurring repetitive inquiries from the usual dumbo wannabees (They'll know who they are).

Once you've done your time a 2nd Career as a CA awaits you (Wars, whores & worse notwithstanding ;) ).

BZ from this SOB :cool:
^Nae Chance - He's fart oo busy getting wound up by the grown-ups over at yonder Kindle thread...:rolleyes:

Try asking him "What Kindle do Grannies take to RALEIGH? instead."


Thanks mate I’m from Leeds as well and I have my prnc tomorrow the only thing I’m a bit nervous of is the swimming as I’m weak swimmer btw have you got a start date for Raleigh?
There were weak swimmers on my PRNC. Don’t worry just try your best. There will be lifeguards and staff members in the pool with you so your in no danger.

Yes, I start on the 28th April.

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