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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by pipwjh, Feb 10, 2017.

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  1. Recently completed the PRNC at MOD Caledonia and for those after an upto date insight to what to expect I have wrote down my experience. This is for MOD Caledonia, HMS Collingwood may have a different approach to theirs.

    Day 1: Got to the train station at Inverkeithing, where you have no idea where to go or do however a small group of smartly dressed people will form either outside or inside the train ticket information center. Use this time to get to know these people as you will be living very closely to these men/women. At some point closer to 2pm the mini bus will come down to pick you up, you will need your train tickets handy as the staff will ask you where you got on, what type of ticket you have and finally how much did your ticket cost. After this you will be taken to MOD Caledonia where you will be taken into a presentation room and given a short brief on health and safety the a small tour of your new home for the next 4 days! We then got changed into issued kit and got assigned a pair of boots and a water bottle... We then had more briefs then outside. Time to learn drill or marching. You have to get this right as you will be marched down to get your food and there will be a lot of eyes on you, don’t worry though marching gets easier as the week goes on. I personally thought the food was quite good no one complained anyway, use this time to relax and socialise and make friends... Then it’s back to your block to have some more presentations. At this point it was around 20:00hrs, and thought I got out of the ice breaker but no, just make sure prepare to speak infront of your class they ask for (Name, age, where your from, what role your joining as, when your start date is, why you want to join & ask if you have a funny joke or something interesting about your self you don't have to answer this (I didn't) and don't worry the staff are going to take the piss out of you regardless but at the same time they will be looking for a potential class leader. (If you get this, it will be noted down so the staff at HMS Raleigh will know your a possible candidate)

    Day 2: We was told to be up for 05:45, but we set out alarms for 05:30 and had to prepare our rooms for 06:30 in this time I had a shower, shave, brush teeth, made bed, cleaned the room, get sorted for the day ahead (2.4km run) and if I had time, checked my phone (you will not have time!) ... Don't worry they don't expect you to be the best just like to see you try and show that your willing to learn. Like mentioned above we did the run on this day... there are multiple staff watching you... nothing too worry about because the run is not that difficult you will be jogged around the route you will be going to warm up then the run begins, 6 and a half laps of the route you warmed up on. This will be a road surface. We went for breakfast before where you get a choice of a full English, cereal or porridge (you can’t mix and match) and then did the run after, this was one of the two criteria tests which is pass or fail, everyone in our class passed this!... after this we then had more briefs basically showing you what you signed up for just listen and take it all in... We then did more of the basics such as marching and get told tips and tricks about ironing and how to prepare for Raleigh by the staff etc.. "we was also given help on how to iron, fold.. we then went down to the gym and did something called the IMF, just physical exercise and we did no more than 5 press ups at a time so nothing to worry about you don't get assessed on press ups or sit ups this is just for fun too see what we going to be doing at Raleigh after this we had food more briefs and then we went down to the armoury and got a feel of a SA80 Mark 2 and a GPMG then we went back did more marching had scran and had a laugh with the staff and so on... (a tip don't walk in the gym run no matter what even if it's 5 meters the PTI will pull you out for not running)

    Day 3: did the same in the morning got up same time got a shower etc... here we did some marching early in the morning and was seeing noticeable improvement from the day before... We then marched down had breakfast and packed our bags ready for the swim test, the swimming pool at MoD Caledonia was out of action so the test was held at Faslane while on your visit to either the submarine or ship. The swim test was to swim 50meters in under 4 minutes. That is your second and final pass or fail test, upon completion of that swim you will be putting overalls on and jumping in to have a go of the HMS Raleigh swim test where in you boiler suit you will tread water for two minutes then do the same swim again in under four minutes (six minutes altogether) after that we went back to the base had scran quickly went back and changed the clothes needed for the ship visit... best part of the course, embrace it and just take in where you will be serving or will be a similar base to where you'll be staying, remember to ask questions as every staff member in naval uniform has done Raleigh already! The trip visit is a 2 hour drive there and the same back so some just got their head down on the way (no mobile phones allowed)... then you'll head back to MoD Caledonia where you'll arrive at around 22:00hrs and we had the rest of the night to shower and relax... however lights out at 2230 so use the rest of your night wisely!

    Day 4: Final day on base you'll get up make beds and iron clothes for final inspection (the big one) then you'll march to have food... After you'll return back to your room pack your bags for further PT, where you'll do a squad run with the PTI, which was 2.2 mile in our case with various exercises in between just try your hardest and put 100% effort in after the run you'll return back get changed into your clothes you arrived in and on the sheets it says you’ll have an interview... you don't do the talking they basically do all the talking and you just listen , you'll then all go back to the briefing room and the warrant officer will give you a speech on how you all did as a group etc after that we hopped back on the bus and away we went all feeling great about passing! If you get that far, well done HMS Raleigh is your next venture!
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  2. Nice one for that mate, got mine there in a couple of weeks.... When you say laps, is it laps of their little parade ground? :D
  3. It's just a road inside the grounds, there are a couple of speed bumps you have to watch out for while running but other than that fairly basic.


    You will start where the dropped pin is and do just over half a lap. (At the junction, this is where the rest of the laps will start and end) if you go onto Google maps you can see the road through the fence if your that keen. (The little picture on my screen shot is the start/end line for your laps)
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  4. Top post - thanks!
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  5. Makes me feel better... Cheers for the post
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  6. Anyone at Caledonia this Monday by any chance?? Or know of anyone?
  7. Just completed my Ratings Look at Life Course (RLALC) and I can say it was definitely similar to the layout of the PRNC.

    The 2.4km run isn't bad at all, as long as you try your hardest and overtake the person infront of you you're alright! Same with the MST aswell. The best thing to do in the overalls part of the swimming test is the get comfortable with how much you'll weigh when treading water and when you're given the all clear to start swimming I'd recommend a stroke that doesn't have your mouth near the water (I chose to do backstroke as my mouth was a fair bit above the water and I wasn't struggling to get water out of my mouth aha!)

    I thought the food was really nice for a RN Reserves naval base and the kit isn't as uncomfortable as I thought it would be.

    Made some right mates on the 3 days I was on my RLALC and I can't wait for my PRNC later this year!
  8. Unless you were helping yourself to the crisps in the Wardroom you weren't eating the RNR's food. If you were and weren't caught then you're allowed a bye for PRNC - just let your AFCO know...
  9. Just this minute got back from Caledonia, it's pretty good.
    As long as you can run 1.5 miles and swim 50 metres you'll piss it. In all honesty it should be a bit harder, people were passing the course that clearly aren't suitable for life in the RN whether it be attitude, age (maturity) or fitness. Too easy in my eyes. Roll on Raleigh.
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  10. Thanks! I go in a few weeks!

    A little nervous have to say, got everything riding on this.
  11. I'm same, what date you go... I'm on 20th March Zig from 

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  12. Honestly don't worry about it, more presentations than anything. Staff there are a right laugh... They just don't give a shit :D
    1.5 miles - 6 1/2 laps around a small area of the camp... You'll find you've been running more than what you run there... Does not feel like 1.5!
    Anything else just ask... While it's fresh in my head :D:D:D.
  13. Yeah I'm the same

  14. Thanks! My PB is 11:12 (pass for me is 11:58) then I'm off to Raleigh the 26th (assuming I pass)

    I've had an injury so rested the last month but feel ready to run again now. Nothing serious just a strain. Thought it best to rest while I could haha!

    Hoping to blast two disntance runs and a timed effort per week between now and when I go. Plus my usual training.

    Anything you'd recommend to work on?
  15. Honestly if you can run it in your time needed and you can swim then don't worry. You do a 4 mile run not 4 km on the last day but it's at the slowest persons pace... Me and a few lads at the back were walking it, I do run the 1.5 mile in 9.40 so running at a girls 13-14 minute pace is boring lol. Day 3 is a game of basketball and faslane trip where you do your swimming... It's the best day. Just do a bit of ironing and get used to showering quick as **** :D:D
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  16. Haha! Aye I've always ironed my own clothes. Quick showers eh?! I guess time is precious. Ah mint so make it Wednesday and enjoy the experience haha!

    Oh 4 mile is different to 4km like haha! I've heard they make you do bear crawls etc during the run? I guess it's whatever they say goes haha! I'm excited and nervous at the same time! Being older I'm worried I'll stick out like a sore thumb against a group of younger probably fitter recruits.
  17. How old are you?
  18. I'll be 32 the week before PRNC
  19. I'm 29 mate, there were a few 25 year olds at mine and a guy same age as me.... But everyone just gets on, I mean I shared a mess with an 18 yo, just needed to help him out abit. Don't worry about your age. They'll probs make you class leader as they did me, cause younger lads will listen to you :D but it stands well at Raleigh, gives you a better chance of becoming class leader there and then maybe fastracking through ranks after phase 2
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  20. Aye you're right like! Hopefully on the day I can turn any nerves to confidence and smash it!

    I always try and train alongside someone 'fitter' than me. If they can do more pressups then I'll partner with them, if they run faster then I'm trying to keep pace on sprints etc just the way I am. It's mint as I get a good workout but sometimes I half kill myself haha!

    Nah cheers for the words of wisdom. It's the last step before Raleigh. I need to smash this and get my head down at basic. Exciting times ahead :)
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