MOD Buys Artwork

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by RabC, Jan 2, 2008.

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  1. Next time you cant clear an opdef cause there are no spares, remember this one
    MOD Money
  2. Well you wouldn't want a Civil Service Mandarin having to look at some shoddy print of the 'Charge of the Light Brigade' or the 'Fighting Trincomalee' all day, heavens above what next, instant coffee and tea bags? :thumright:
  3. Ooppps :thumright:
  4. As I was rather snootily told by a high end Civil Serpent some years ago when I questioned the plush carpets, mahogany furnishings and leather chairs in a newly refurbished office suite…

    "We need to create the right ambience to attract and retain staff of the highest calibre"

    So you see, this is all part of enhancing the ambience for the 'high calibre' of staff MoD employs in it's dusty corridors…
  5. Pity they're not trying to enhance the high calibre of Troops in Dusty/sandy places...
  6. Good call Timex I was about to say that my self.
  7. What is needed more paintings or troops?
  8. Isn't it obvious where the MOD's priorities lie?
  9. Yes, making the place look good.
  10. …it's a fine MOD tradition, for years they have been leaving all those ugly weapons off ships to avoid spoiling their handsome lines.
  11. The artwork is (hopefully) an investment, and can be sold in years to come to replace the fleet of two inshore patrol craft of our coastal defence force. Of more concern is the news that someone paid £2,600 each for a job lot of widescreen televisions. I think we should be told more about this!
  12. Batch 1 & 2 T22s - handsome lines ????????????????????
  13. And over £1000 each for chairs!

  14. I was being sarcastic.
  15. God save Ireland....I know its unforgiveable but Jeez, had to laugh when I read this and similar responses over on Arrse (by many of the same people).

    Yer man Cleland ( who I've met and who - trust me on this - bears no great love or respect for Her Madge's Armed Forces) must be laughing himself into a coma ( not to say all the way to the bank) at all the sound and fury his bit of re-cycled, slow season, 'Dog Bites Man' TAT has about a BITE :-D

    You want to get all uptight and righteous about the Ministry of Waste check THIS out WHAT a load of b0ll0cks....

    or spend two seconds with a calculator trying to figure out how much interest a MINUTE this lot is costing us......f6ck sake people, talk about media manipulation.....seduce my aging footwear!

    Scuse the intrusion guys.....had to get that one off my chest!

    Billy Bock
  16. Fury?!

    What is there here to get uptight about, unless it is our inability to acheive these goals.

    And as for NR....What did you want them to do? Allow a successful and important business (important for the NE of England) to go to the wall?
    Talk about media manipulation, you seem to swallow it whole.
  17. Joe,you hit the nail on the head with the Northern Rock Crock.

    Put your hand on your heart and tell me that if the failing bank had been called 'BRIGHTON Rock' and was important to the South of England rather than a Labour marginal, that this government would have lifted a finger ?

    Balls would they. The whole fiasco is politically inspired.

    and the Vietnam page I was trying to link to is NOT the pink and fluffy statements on Third World relief ( all of which every right-thinking citizen is supposed to agree with it seems)]]but this one :[/url]

    The MoD spends 140K on paintings for its revamped HQ building?
    DfID spends Twenty Six Million on a rural road scheme for the Vietnamese?

    How much Dieso can you buy with £26M? How many sets of CBA ?

    Go figure as the Cousins put it.

    And read this article .

  18. We'll have to agree to disagree.

    I get a 404, but judging by your excerpt, I'm still not upset.

    Before or after tax?

    Not a very long dit, is the link correct?

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