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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by plymwebed, Aug 10, 2007.

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  1. The MoD has banned the use of blogs, texts, discussion boards, online games and other electronic media to discuss the military. Couldn't see this posted anywhere else...then again, maybe you're not allowed to talk about it.
    Ahh the life of a civvy, thanks for the freedom boys.

    Read the story at thisisplymouth
  2. This site still accessible from Navynet terminal, so taken as 'guidance' only. Just a gentle reminder to think about security before making any posts, i suppose.
  3. Strongly suggest serving persons doctor or remove their pics from the Coppermine - have long felt that being identified limited the ability to speak freely.
  4. Absolutely, g-r, have asked 'Bad CO' to do some editing for me... got 'pinged' at work last week, unofficially of course...
  5. hackle

    hackle Badgeman Moderator

    That would be fine of course, but I'm afraid it is NOT "just a gentle reminder to think about security before making any posts". Although badly drafted, the DIN is quite explicit that prior permission must be sought.
  6. "Particular things can impact on operational security; information which somebody can get a hold of. Even a little photograph sent from Afghanistan on a mobile phone could endanger people's lives and break operational security."

    If this is the case, and in certain circumstances I am not doubting that it could be, then why are they only now getting around to doing something about it?
  7. For those with access: DIN 2007DIN03-006: Contact with the Media and Communicating in Public

    For those without; sorry, can't tell you.

    That said, Para 21 says
    OK, the first bit goes without saying but Government policy? That's most of us buggered then! It does go on to say;
  8. In general, this is nothing more than a new iteration of rules that have always been in place. For example QRs specifically prevent anyone speaking out on any political issue, publically contradicting HMG policy, etc. I recall as long ago as 1982 when we were told that any photographs taken on Operations; whether using personal equipment or military; belonged to HMG. This came about when publishers were requesting pics for books, etc. (in this regard it is very apt that the first link should be to thisplymouth as a former PO (CPO?) Phot of that era went on to become their picture editor I believe) Authority was supposed to be sought before they were released. Whilst in most cases what is being posted on the various sites is innoccuos enough there are times I have thought it close to the mark in terms of Opsec, Persec or military discipline. Of course there is the conflict between privately posted (or sold) media and that used openly by HMG and the MoD for propoganda/morale purposes to be considered.

  9. Yep, can view it from here too..
  10. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    1957: A Captain lecturing at RNC Greenwich on the Battle of Narvik, illustrated with his own photographs. Told us The Times had paid him £5 (1940 pounds!) for them and always to have ou camera handy.
  11. I was going to comment on this policy, but I don't think I'm allowed to now.
  12. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    In full flow on ARRSE at the moment, and PTP was quoted on the matter in the Guardian today!

    I agree that RR and ARRSE don't always show 'Defence' in the best light but so long as we don't compromise or put the boot in to the men and women who are doing their best with what the MoD provide, crack on. iPods are not Service issue.

    And as mentioned by other posters, so long as RR and ARRSE are still available through MoD computers.........
  13. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    I think I will read and digest the DIN before making any serious comment, hasn't been widely distributed here, I couldn't even find it on the intranet this morning! This quote from the Evening Herald is worrying if correct:

    "on issues arising from an individual's official business or experience, whether on-duty, off-duty or in spare time".

    Are my experiences not my own anymore, am I only able to express or describe them as some sort of collective conscience, THEIR opinion being more valid than my own? 10 months left before I escape the assimilation.

    While I'm waiting to see a copy of the DIN I'd better get off and phone around to retract all my CV's to those potential employers as they contain references to my defence experience!
  14. Ouch!!!

    Just keep it cool. I was never allowed to voice my angest whilst in the mob, but Feck me when I left I had tons of Fun. Get the missus or Sisters to make the post. Just wind them up.

    Any one who allowed the Gennie out of the bottle deserves very thing they get.

    Teach them to rely on RNR Media savy pricks to stand in for them over a weekend, when their golf or garden party would have been interupted.

    Took their Eye off the Ball, Let Pricks run the show, OOOOPS their problem.
  15. Got this in from Newsnight:

    MoD blog ban

    The MoD has issued new guidelines to personnel in the army, RAF, and navy. They state soldiers can no longer blog, post on bulletin boards, or release video, stills or images.

    The government says the new restrictions have been put in place following the controversy over the MoD allowing two navy personnel, captured in Iran, to be paid for their stories.

    But through these blogs and video posts (see the Army rumour service board and Live Leak video site) we have learnt of inadequate equipment in theatre, and poor accommodation, as well as unique testimony of soldiers' lives in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    So have these restrictions been put in place to quell criticism? Are they legal? Are there good security considerations for the ban? And why, when blogs and video posts have been used by soldiers since the invasion of Iraq in 2003, are the MoD suddenly gagging their personnel?

    Let us know what you think by clicking here.
  16. The Controversy was caused by the sailors making a profit from it, not due to the fact that they spoke to the press, had there either been no money, or all money had gone to forces charities there would have been no problem.

    And as for not being able to disagree on Government policy, as long as it is done through a screen name on an Internet site, what right do they have to not be disagreed with, I thought censorship was a problem in the Countries in the Axis of Evil, not here in Blighty!

    It sounds as extreme as to say that even talking with your civvy mates about life in a blue suit is banned without your CO's permission!
  17. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    I'm with Pinch on this one. The whole Cornwall issue was a **** up from start to finish; from the risible amount off attention to detail reagrding protection of our men and women whilst on dangerous operations to the stupidity of allowing the two concerned to go public with their story. In between that, the 24 hour newsfeeds had field day with the MoD, aptly in revenge for their previous intransigence whilst on operations. Now we face (quite rightly in my opinion) a tightening of security which will affect those ********* who feel it fun to YouTube and LiveLeak their idea of entertainment (if you have time to film it on your mobile, you're not doing your job, IMHO) but the creeping shut-down of ARRSE and RR is tantamount to cretinous. If anything, it broadcasts to the nation the widening and deepening gulf between MoD and the military wing, and has a horse-stable door-bolted feel about it. In these times, when management from the top is shockingly poor, the forces are being kicked about like a scurvied dog and public opinion of our worthyness is lower than whale-shit, what better way tthan to clamp down of dissenters whilst frantically trying to make everyone see that 'everything is okay, this end'. What a crock of shit. It's pretty obvious that these boards are read by Mr Suit-and-tie in Whitehall so here is a short message to you. The cat has been out of the bag for many years now, and is happlily rogering all other Mrs Cats and siring little kitties by them. As much as you think that stopping Perce, Jack and Rupert from reading these insubordinate, rabble-rousing pages might bring the great unwashed back into line, opinions are one thing you cannot change quickly. It is not us who needs to get our acts together, and if you really read between the lines (go on ... really read between the lines, I dare you) you'll find that many, if not all of the awkward squad hark back to a happier day when, expensive as it was, we had an armed force to reckon with. We take great pride in telling the young uns about it and that is their reference point. Many, if not all again want to stay in and serve their country, proudly pulling on the uniform and doing the multitude of jobs from close support in the sandpit to stamping leaving routines in Drake. If all was well, and we were served by you, whilst serving the nation, there would be no need to smack out a crappy DIN trying to shut us up.

    Think about it. Oysters need grit. No grit, no pearls.

  18. As an 'EX' I think I shall continue to post as I wish, as long as I do not break any persec or opsec, so stuff 'em.

    As Corporal Jones would say; "They don't like it up 'em" :)

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