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Hi, just writing to see if anybody is aware of how long it takes for the MOD to accept an application. I have completed all stages of the selection process and have been given my date (22nd July) for Raleigh, as well as my date for the RNAC (28 May). However it stated on my letters that i should not tell my employers until i have recieved confirmation from the MOD. Anybody know how long this takes, as its a little uncomforting, with my employer being very suspicious at the moment.
I'm in the same situation, my joining date is 10th jun and i've still not heard.. the AFCO said "about" 3 months to me, which means I should find out around now. I suppose no news is good news in a way.
Ouch, i was hoping they didnt push it that far! Preferably want to hand my notice in on 1st June, as i need a months notice. Have you had your brief yet - wonder if it comes up in there?
I am due to start service on the 17th june! I rang the AFCO about a 2 weeks ago and asked if that the date was confirmed, they say yes so I have handed in my notice about a week ago! can't wait though!

Cheers Shiprat, will give them a ring towards end of May in that case. Thanks for your help. U go on the RNAC same day as me dont ya! What r u going in as if u dont mind me asking?


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Your letter will say that it is a provisional offer of service pending MOD approval & you should not give up employment at this stage. Essentially this is a MOD "Catch-all" in case they (The Government/MOD) decide to stop recruiting in your trade & you sue them because you left your civilian job. Barring floods, famine, major defence spending etc., your provisional entry date should stand. Most AFCO's will send you a letter to attend an entry brief about 4 weeks before your entry date. At he brief you will be given all the relevant info & a travel warrant to your joining establishment. Make sue you have a valid passport & return all completed forms that are sent by the AFCO by return post. Good luck!
Thanks Ninja_Stoker! Very grateful for your info. Helped ease my mind m8! ha.

Ship_rat - me too! Going in as AET, was originally going for MET but advisor swayed me the other way! Just hoping the opportunities for travel are as big!

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