Mobility scooter offered to ex-servicemen

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Mobility scooter offered to ex-servicemen
Portsmouth News 7 Apr 2010 said:
A woman is trying to find her late navy husband's mobility scooter a fitting home. When Lesley Slaven, 75, decided she wanted to donate the mint-condition scooter to an ex-serviceman injured in the line of duty she thought it would be easy. So her neighbour Roger Gibbs started calling charities on her behalf, and was surprised when every one he contacted told him that for health and safety reasons they couldn't accept his offer.

'I don't understand their attitude,' said Mrs Slaven, of The Crossway, Porchester. 'It's a perfectly good scooter and I think all this health and safety stuff is rather ridiculous and over-the-top. 'All I want is to give someone a hand getting around. My husband only used it seven or eight times.'

Mrs Slaven's husband Frank died in December, and served as a Fleet Chief Petty Officer in the Royal Navy and then a Ministry of Defence policeman when he left the services. Retired civil servant Mr Gibbs, 63, has contacted the Royal British Legion, the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association (SSAFA), and the Rotary Club, and after no success is now offering the scooter to any war veteran who would make good use of it. It is a four-wheeled, Legend classic XL8 model in very good condition.

Anyone interested can contact Mr Gibbs on (023) 9237 2714.

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