Those of you who have seen my recent posts will know that i am currently mobilised.

I am nearing the end of my mobilisation but up to press i have thoroughly enjoyed my time out here (touch wood). I heard many comments about which platform is the best, worst etc and have found it all to be complete b*llocks. How good your mobilisation is will largley depend on you, your team mates and most importantly your senior rate. If you don't put the effort in you won't enjoy it. If members of your team don't put the effort in you won't enjoy it but most importantly, if your senior rate isn't up to the job then you won't enjoy it. The third one is most important because he/she is the buffer between you and the ship. If they do not manage you correctly in the eyes of the command and crew then you haven't a chance. Likewise if they think that they are above doing their shift then this will seriously deflate the team and lead to severe moral problems. I experienced both and have had the pleasure of serving with some of the best people in the RNR, including two chaps whom i believe to be the best SR and Killick in the RNR. Both were shafted at some time or another and both continued to do their job to the best of their ability despitethe problems that they encountered. Unfortunately i have also had the misfortune of serving with the opposite end of the spectrum. People who should never have passed the entrance exam and certainly not the interview. I've seen people who i genuinely believe have mental issues and who were labelled as being unsuitable throughout their pre-mob training yet they've still been sent out to do a job that they are completely unfit to do.

I'd welcome other peoples experience of mobilisation. 8)
That is completely true. Some senior rates believe this is the mob when they was in many moons ago. also you forgot to mention certain people who's lives are plain sailing when they are in the uk getting weekenders and leave at every opportunity and as soon as they go abroad they become the biggest welfare cases ever. there lives are falling apart and they have to get home because they are the only person who can fix what ever problem they have or that there children have caused in the case of a loveable young lady who the team was glad to get rid of. these problems could happen to us all am not having a go at the system its just it seems to happen to these people all the time.

i have been mobilised several times and some of the seniors have been excellent and some should be sectioned under the mental health act,


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Ladies and Gentlemen
Trehorn’s original post and some of the replies are exceptionally useful feedback, and as the guy who is about to be SO1 of the branch, I welcome them. However, we must be mindful of the fact that this is a public site, and as such the “Sun Journalist†who may (or may not) be reading such posts, could have a field day.
Whilst I appreciate that there is a genuine interest in how individuals mobilisations went, I caution against asking for such experiences, on what after all, is an operational matter, in the public forum. Top marks to Trehorn for being very careful in ensuring OPSEC rules and for keeping (just) the right side of not identifying those who (in his opinion) were not up to mark. However, I seriously doubt others will be as diligent, so strongly recommend that we don’t go any further with this valuable, but potentially, sensitive thread.
Could I also ask that if anyone has a burning issue, to follow the command chain, and if that is not working, then, by exception, they can always come direct to me, and I will try to re-invigorate the chain of command (if necessary).
I’d also like to point out that as of 4th September, SO2Seaman will be moving on, however my relief has indicated that he would like to take over the semi-formal MODERATOR role, so good luck to him!
Finally, if you do look back 2 years at this site, and the huge amounts of drips (a few true, and a vast amount untrue, and based on incomplete information) I think we will all agree that we now have less un-informed drips (I’m still waiting for anyone who went to Cyprus and thinks they didn’t get paid enough to contact me – is this an example of a bad [and un-informed] buzz?) So I thank the members of the Sea(Res) branch for their cooperation in moving our contributions to this site forward.

Yours Aye
I to was mobilised with the po and killick your talking about and your 100% correct we were lucky to have had them leading us I don't think the navy knows what an asset these two are considering the way they were treated
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