Im new to your forum im being mobilised in jan theres 4 of us going together does that mean we will stay together or whats the usual format after the first 5 weeks training
You will have to elaborate slightly. Are you doing force protection or something else? I mobilised last year for Herrick 9 so can only speak of my personal experience (i.e. not force protection). It consisted of reporting at Nelson on a Thursday morning, doing OPTAG for two weeks starting the following Monday (with a weekend exercise thrown in for good measure). The course ended two Fridays later, I had a week at home before landing in Afghanistan the following Sunday night.
The people I mobilised with did similar/related jobs so I wouldn’t worry about getting separated. You’ll meet many more people along the way I’m sure!
im sea res ie force protection im also looking forward to meeting new opos the main question really is if any one knows how many start the first 5 weeks training end up in the same teams deploying together


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If you would like to PM me with your email or phone no, I can give you a full briefing, and let you know who to talk to to get the brief from current and post-deployers so you will get a balanced view.
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