Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by WarMonger, Nov 4, 2008.

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  1. Hello everybody..!!!

    Am due to join FPGRM in Jan 09 for a 6 month break from the real world. This will be second time around for mobilisation previously TELIC so not to bothered (shame you dont get another medal or recognition for it...yeah!!!) but was wondering about some of the housekeeping type things whilst you are based up north.

    The lack of information as to what goes on up there, i.e. working and living routines , travel etc etc is of course par for the course in the RNR.

    Taking into account OPSEC/PERSEC....little things would be useful like:

    1) Whats the accomodation like
    2) Is there internet availability mainly for things like online you can keep a track of JPA f**k ups.
    3) How do people find the travel if they live down often did you get to go home and what was the best etc.
    4) Useful to get your car up there or is it just a pain in the arse.

    If anyone senior is listening and Im sure they are......sending out the documents for mobilisation is all very well, but has anyone considered some sort of harmonisation brief to go with it..or is that to come.

    Having been f**ked around first time I am fully expecting the same, and hey life in a blue (or green) suit but I'm a bit wiser and older and hoping to avoid it by a bit of prior planning.!

    Any comments or tips would be handy....PM if necessary!

  2. can you PM me and I will put you in touch with a PO who has just come back after a year up there
  3. could tell you warts and all but the grown up will shout at me. PM me a list and I will endeavor to answer every question honestly, I have just finished.
  4. smellyirma

    Any tips/advice would be welcome in a PM to an AB deploying New Year NAG as AWFP, (probably with warmonger)...

  5. To make matters easier, I would be very willing to push out an ETM that gives advice etc for those about to mobilise. If anyone has some really good tips etc, please email me at the address that the ETMs comes from, I will then put a consolidated list together, and also pass it through FPGRM to get their slant, and hopefully, this will be of use to all.
  6. That would be most useful, particularly the type of info not normally put to print in mobilisation papers!
  7. SO2 Seaman

    Suggest you include NPT(RES) and NELSON(MOBO) in the chain.
  8. good idea, however this could result in huge amounts of staff work and detract a tad from the main aim, which, I believe, is a "quick and dirty", warts and all, short list of tips etc.
    But I will certainly pass it their way.

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