Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by hookyh, Mar 29, 2006.

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  1. Quick heads up boys and girls!

    Apparently we're soon to be able to volunteer for mobilisation for periods specified by us ourselves. Anything upwards of a month will become acceptable. All you have to do is make it known that you're available and when and you'll be put on the list. When your speciality/experience matches up with a job somewhere you'll get the call.


    I realise there will be comparisons with FTRS, but what a great idea to not only get the RNR out there a bit more on ops. but also enabling those who are keen to go, but who would struggle to do a full six month tour the opportunity of doing the job for real.

    What does everyone think about this one? It is gen. dit, not a wind-up. I got it first hand!
  2. This apparently starts in June. In our unit they are putting together a list or volunteers for this very thing. We are told that we would be covered by the Reserve Forces Act the same as if we were called up.
  3. Guys

    What can I say? Just be careful what you tell your employers. I have heard some tales of woe recently.

    And don't expect the earth.

  4. I did hear a tale long ago from this guy.

    In WW2 he volunteered for the PARAS on returning the steel works told him there was no job here for him. But hang on all these here others have come back from war and have the old jobs back.

    Yes they where called up and replaced by the women you left to go to war. Your job was essential to the nation Blah! Blah! Blah!. So F. O.

    I do remember asking for six weeks of work to go down to the Phillipines on a big exercise Royal was calling for volunteers. Of course I was told go fly a kite. So I thought stuff this job I am outa here.

    Anyways the shit hit the fan down there and the wardrobe full of shoes was discovered. And other thingy. So it was cancelled and I kept my job. And the Phillipines had a new leader and everybody down there lived happily ever after. Yeh sure!!!

  5. Yes - be careful. Can't imagine the public sector looking too kindly on people volunteering for recall, no matter how it is dressed up, never mind the private sector...
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