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Stupid question - when mobilised, do you need to be in date for the duration of the deployment (i.e. to end of time in theatre), or to the end of your mobilisation (i.e. terminal leave). Am 3 days short on end terminal leave date for RNFT - is this an issue?
PT- do you Navy types have to get up to date with your MATTs as part of your pre-deployment training? If you are, would this not keep you up to date for the full tour?

If you are out of date prior to the end of your deployment, and 'where logistically possible' I believe they try to retest you.

I am almost always wrong though :)
See, I told you :lol: but I did know what RNFT stood for (not that it's worth anything)

So how is your physical preparedness assessed prior to deployment?


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Dunkers - stop being difficult. Of course its not, but I've got an injury at the moment and want to try to avoid running if possible to cause damage in the run up to OPTAG- okay? Now, do you know the answer or not?
Oh okay :lol: In answer to the question - was told during a mobilisation brief that you must be in date for RNFT on arrival at Nelson else you do it during OPTAG, but not that it must extend until the TX date.


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Thanks - sorry to snap, but have very sore foot this evening (plantar facistis) and have been told to rest up for a while - don't want to injure myself in the run up to the tour -plenty of chances for that on OPTAG :)


If you've got plantar fasciitis then you're already injured! If it isn't completely cleared up by the time you do OPTAG, then you are in trouble.


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The joining instructions for OPTAG say that you must be in date for RNFT and that that you should still be in date at the end of your deployment. The rules are RN as that is what you will be when you go there. They have no concept of terminal leave post-mobilisation.

A couple of other things.

1. If you are not in date when you rock up, they will give you several chances to pass your RNFT before RTU. One guy did 6 RNFTs in 3 days before passing on my OPTAG

2. They don't care when your deployment end-date is so, provided you are in date for RNFT at the end of OPTAG, you're good to go.

I hope your plates of meat clear up soon. While OPTAG isn't really demanding, you will be doing plenty of running and marching so you will need feet in good working order. Did you confess to them during your mobilisation medical or hasn't that happened yet?


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Ta muchly all - quite some time to go before I mobilise, and I expect the PF to have gone by then - but because I'm resting up, I'm not running, so wanted to make sure whether I'd need to force myself back on my feet to train sooner than I'd like. Can't see any problems in near future though.
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