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Mobilisation of self-employed / contractors


Lantern Swinger
I have been asked if I would be available for mobilisation for Op HERRICK as part of the RNRs “intelligent mobilisation†whereby they take those who want to go and whose work circumstances allow it.

I want to go but I am concerned as I am a contractor and have not been able to get a straight answer as to how MOD deals with contractors / self-employed individuals. All the money I earn is paid through my limited company and as such I don’t have a wage with which to provide a P60 as proof of income.

Does anybody know what the process is for individuals that are self-employed?
Have you looked at at Sabre web site?

Since you've sey as a limited company, I think that your company can claim compensation for the financial loss incurred by your mobilisation in order to hire a replacement for you.
know where youre coming from beerbad. I to am limited company status and had the same issue. The pen pushers in the UPO were very unhelpful or they just didn't have a clue. I happily offered the companies accounts for the year but as you said they want a P60. They just seemed not to be interested. Oh well no sun tan for me!!
I know this is not quite connected to the above thread but perhaps someone could put me to the wise here. I have recently been informed that I have been moved a step closer to mobilisation for Op Herrick. The question is: Do/will they operate JPA from that theatre of operations or have they got another method of paying wages for those carrying out a 6 month tour of duty out there?.
UPOs look for P60s because they assume we are employed by somebody. In fact, any time after the start of the Tax Year it is actually your most recent pay slip and PAYE reference that they need.

Self Employed are, by definition, employers and are assisted by SaBRE. Get in touch with your local SaBRE Regional Campaign Director at your local RFCA offices for more info. In theory your own RU's Employer Liaison Officer (ELO) should also be able to help, but not all have received their training yet.
FlagWagger is more or less correct about the compensation. At least, the MoD will compensate reservists called up from civilian professions to ensure they are not financially disadvantaged through serving in theatre (or otherwise). This was in practice when GW II kicked off.

I can't be absolutely certain but it seems logical that there would be a similar scheme which would compensate self-employed individuals in limited companies.

Try contacting the Royal Naval Overseas Support Unit at HMS NELSON. They used to deal with the mobilisation of personnel and had a hand in this sort of thing. From what I remember they should have a contact for someone in the old 2SL (now Fleet Headquarters) organisation who should be able to advise as a normal part of their day job.

If you have problems getting hold of them PM me and I'll find you some contact numbers.

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