mobile phone signal at Raleigh???

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by nufc70, Jun 10, 2009.

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  1. was wondering if anyone knows what the coverage is like for the mobile phone network virgin down at Raleigh? purely because my contract on orange has rang out and there's no chance im renewing it as the signal is always useless. found a good deal on virgin but dont want to get down to Raleigh and it being poor down there also. i know i will hardly be on my phone as i will be too busy and all that but still dont want to get stuck on a 18 month contract if its useless down there. any help would be great.
  2. You might find it difficult to find a virgin.

    But your mobile phone will work fine with virgin mobile.

    Don't bother with Vodaphone.
  3. Find out the post code for Raleigh then either go into the shop or online they normal have an area where you enter your postcode and it tells you how strong the signal is. They are normaly honest.
  4. PL11 2PD
  5. seriously, it's 9 fcuking weeks, if you can't survive for 9 weeks without signal the navy is NOT FOR YOU.
  6. I doubt if some could last 9 minutes without suffering withdrawl symptoms of not being able to Txt "Wot u doin" to their homies.
  7. A sensible question, which seems to deserve a sensible answer. I'm sure some of the old n bald who are slagging off this question where first in the q for theit mail back in the day!
    All networks work OK in Raleigh and its environs, including voda. You will be briefed on the standards expected of you, when to switch your phone off etc. Listen to the brief, and there is no reason why tou cant use your phone in the evenings.
  8. Whats wrong with a hour long queue for a pay phone to find your loves ones are engaged or out for the night?
    Or some tiff getting his mum to phone him back!!!!!!!

    The good old days!
  9. Whilst Vodaphone does work, there are quite a few blind spots adn ropey areas particularly around the accomodation blocks. I have virgin which is ok but again one or two dodgy areas but on the whole better than voda IMO.
  10. thanks for that clanky. its quite clearly a serious question what other reason would i ask it if i didnt want to have a serious answer. it doesnt have anything to do with me not being able to last 9 weeks without my phone! im pretty sure im going down to raleigh a lot more prepared for what to expect than most other recruits from what i have been done to date. so dont need pointless comments like that
  11. and i went with vodafone in the end purely because of the deal on offer. i checked the network coverage at raleigh on vodafones website and it looked fine but im sure that it isnt 100% accurate! im sure i will cope with a whole 9 weeks of dodgy signal without texting my 'homies'!!!
  12. At least you got a reply NUFC70, when I asked about different phone contracts I was shot down worse, I'll make sure I check phone signals on the website mind once I do pick a new one.
  13. Don't they still take your phone off you at you the gate when you arrive and then get it back as a leaving gift when you pass out?
  14. No we just get to use it in our free time
  15. my co told me to get rid of any contracts! get one of those sim cards which you put a tenner on and get 300 free texts
  16. Well I took out an 18 month one today so I'm screwed haha, but it's got that web and walk with it for free so I'll be able to email family etc. anyone know if that will work at Raleigh?
  17. should do mate. what network? i just took out an 18 month contract with vodafone i checked the coverage at raleigh and it seemed fine. i get free internet usage aswell so can get on facebook :D
  18. Mines T Mobile, 30 quid a month gets me 800 mins unlimited texts unlimited web n walk and a nokia 5800 so I'm chuffed as I was already paying 20-25 for 200 minutes left and no phone but I wasnt tied into that contract, any idea where I can check what the signal strength is? And I figure facebook is the easiest way of keeping in touch weith friends do I needed something with web and walk, I know a lot of other recruits post on it still but not sure if they're using web and walk.
  19. Just google this 't-mobile network coverage' and it should bring up the link to tmobiles website to check signal strength. Then if u can put raleigh's postcode in PL11 2PD or type in torpoint and it will tell u the signal. Dont know what web n walk is to be fair but i think most mobile internet is the same u just browse the web as normal. If u search facebook it should find it.
  20. Yeah web n walk mobile internet i thought they were the same thing.

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