Mobile lifesavers?

Discussion in 'Bloody Computers' started by Pitfirrane, Dec 14, 2007.

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  1. Is this true?

    1. If you lock your car keys in your car and have remote locking and you have another set with someone else, use your mobile to ring the person with the spare keys.
    Hold the mobile close to the car and have the other person press the unlock button on the spare set close to their phone. Open voila.

    2. 112 is the International Emergency Number for mobiles. Even if your mobile doesn't have a signal or the keypad is locked then dialling 112 will cause the mobile to hunt any network to establish an emergency connection.

    Urban myths or the truth?
  2. It's a myth as the sensor is either infra red or radio frequency, neither of which comes out of a mobile.

    Dunno about the mobile - 112 is the number used in europe and what they wanted us to change to but we said 'no' and added it to 999 so we now have two emergency numbers.
  3. 999 can also be dialled from a locked phone.

    As soon as the call starts your signal is boosted and, even from the middle of nowhere you should be able to make your call.

    Remember, even if you cant hear anything but the operator answers they will be able to pinpoint you using masts that received your call.

    The one about the keys I believe is a myth, dont have remote locking on my car so never used it!!
  4. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Hmm, sounds like an urban myth... but I do know that if you type 'Google' into you can break the Internet! :wink:
  5. They most certainly are RF transceivers (both transmit & receive), at about the 850mhz range. The phone however, would have to be able to operate on the same freq as the remote lock for the car, convert the freq and then transmit it on the same freq as the distant mobile phone. In theory not impossible, but it won't happen.
  6. Horse manure. If the central locking is infra red, like in early to mid 90's cars, how will that be modulated over an audio transmitter (clue, it wont). Even with an RF alarm/immobiliser system, phones only sample and encode the lower 8.5kHz of audio, so would not "retransmit" the signal coming out of the RF keyfob (much higher frequency). If however you have a satellite or cellphone based system, like GM Onstar, you can call a body and have them unlock it. Some tracking immobiliser systems are also part of the central locking so can be used to open the doors. Useful if you are paying the £40 a month monitoring fee.

    If your mobile doesn't have a signal, then it doesn't have a signal. If you are in a mountainous region or several miles off the coast then you are SOL. No signal boost can help a radio (cellphone) with a PRP of about 0.8W. Cells may however be programmed to prioritise emergency calls at the expense of calls to other numbers, when cells are maxed (eg during London bombing, Sept 11th etc)
    .If however, you are in range of a cell that is not your network, and you phone could potentially "roam" from it, eg a GSM phone, a Quad band phone etc, then you can make 999 calls. The 112 thing came about from when we used to have rotary diallers and pulse dialling, before digital exchanges. 112 on an old rotary dial takes 9 seconds less to dial than 999, so it made a good choice for a universal number. Also if you dial 911 in the UK you should get emergency services, since some Americans visiting the UK had some troubles with 911/999 confusion some years ago.
    It is true that mobiles with no SIM card, locked out for non payment of bill etc should still be able to dial emergency services. Please do not call 999 or any of the other numbers "just to see if it works" as these calls waste huge sums of money and time and could block a call from someone needing real help.
  7. It worked wth 2 RCL fobs when they tried it on Brainiac. I would'nt choose to rey on it though!
  8. I saw a video on that showed what happened if you GOGGLE instead of GOOGLE into your address bar ( it opened hundreds of porn and malware link sites via pop-ups! His test machine showed over 75 drive by infections in seconds.......

    Now it may be an urban myth or very good editing but scared me. I now use the favorites (american spelling) a lot more to open my web pages rather than type 'em in.

    Apparently though his pop up blocker was first disabled though........
  9. Having worked in an Emergency Communications Centre I can confirm both 999 & 112 will be routed via the Emergency routes.

    911 DID NOT activate an emergency call when I worked there 18 months ago
  10. Tell you what does work.
    Hold your remote keyfob against the side of your head and open your mouth in the direction of your car to increase the range of the keyfob.
    As shown a while ago by Clarkson :)
    (Yes I did stand like a muppet outside my house trying it :D )
  11. Pictures.......

  12. bless that is soo cute........ only you would do that..... :thumright:
  13. Lol, come on, who's tried it then?
    Own up!!
  14. My battery has run out and the central locking is opening drivers door only- not working outside my house!
  15. No it doesn't!!!

    Oh dear :confused5:

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