Mobile broadband.

Anyone got advice on mobile broadband. I want something cheap for browsing internet and replying on guestbook etc using a laptop. I dont want any nasty surprises for using more than contracted time etc...there must be something out there that is catch free...dont want to pay more than £15 a month, which I think is reasonable.. :dontknow:
Coincidence that, lady pal of mine is in an area where there is no broadband.Worse again there is no cover from vodafone and just a hint of signal from o2[ upstairs ] I have been looking at the coverage maps online and she is in a tiny spot which is being missed out.I may have to borrow some modems and just see if I can pick up a signal.Any suggestions would be welcomed.
Last I heard Vodaphone had the largest coverage in the UK. 3 Mobile (and I think Virgin) piggyback on O2 therefore if you cant get O2 you wont get 3 mobile. Not sure of the price though as I use BT Broadband but I did read somewhere that Virgin and 3 Mobile have a service for approx £15 a month but I think that you have to also subscribe to their phones as well - effectively doubling the outlay.
Go one from Orange this week (as i only get Half a Meg at home). Plugged it in and waited and waited for the web pages to load, tried a music download, was going to take 20 minutes. Therefore it is going back. Said on the website I would have the best coverage in my area!!

Might try another provider?
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