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Discussion in 'Bloody Computers' started by toycommandos, Mar 21, 2008.

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  1. Hey all. Im thinking about getting Mobile Broadband for my laptop, I currently use my phone as a modem and its costing me an arm and a leg.
    It seems there are 3 main condenders: 3, Tmobile and Vodaphone. My concern is the coverage of these networks.
    Does anyone use it and can give me any advice on the limitations etc?

    Any advice would be greatfully received.
  2. Have you been on the respective network's websites? They have maps on there with coverage, and average speed levels in areas.

    As far as I am aware, there is little 3G (i.e. Broadband speed) coverage out of major cities, and even less lower speed coverage outside of major towns. However it is improving! Slowly....
  3. Im using 3. Coverage is better up North but it works fine in Pompey.

    Go for the Pay as you Go option, its £100 for the modem, and the top up options are 1Gb - £10, 3Gb - £15, or 7Gb - £25, the only drawback is your top up only lasts 30 days. I didnt want the 12 month contract as is the nature of our job, I could be out of the country not been able to use it

    I went for the 7Gb option for my last top up, and to be honest with you I have not even come close to using half that amount. 7Gb gives you 200hrs of internet browsing.

    Dont be expecting broadband download speeds, I usually pick up about 0.5Mb/sec, its not to bad, but no way near the 2Mb/sec advertised.

    Get online and check the coverage on the providers website.
  4. I have checked the coverage. Does it require 3G coverage to work or can it run anywhere there is a phone signal?
  5. It will work with any signal, but ideally you will need 3G coverage anything less is very, very slow, virtually unworkable.
  6. I intend to use it in Woodbury, dartmoor and Sennybridge. it seems a bit patchy!
  7. I'm using a T-Mobile dongle through work and it's reliable in urban areas. Although 3G wouldn't work when I had to go onsite in Okehampton - worked fine in Exeter but doubt you'd get a 3G decent signal on T-Mobile on Dartmoor. As Grog_Rat said it'd be useful for basic HTML browsing and nothing else.
  8. so you suggest that i give Tmobile a go?
  9. I have no experience of 3 or Vodafone but I get decent reception in most of Devon. The best thing to do would be look at coverage on each companies websites. TBH any opinion I have would be a bit biased considering who I work for. But, I would recommend T-Mobile to anyone as I've never had any issues with them.

    I know T-Mobile have won a few awards for coverage/service. Vodafone general have very good SW coverage as do Orange
  10. I have a T-mobile system that works fine in cities and large towns. What I have noticed is the connection speed has dropped as more people are using it, I used to get 1.5 M but now on some occasions am lucky to get 0.25M depending on the time of day. Guess it all depends on where you are and when.
  11. I use 3 in barnstable and its fine. A lad i know has vodafone and i would give that a wide bearth but depends on the area i guess.
    I personally only use it for surfing and chating etc. Woudnt use it to dload as i dont want to go over my allowance.
  12. Marvelous, cheers fellas!
  13. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    I'll put it to you this way.

    3 charge £104 per Gb if you go over your allowance whereas Vodafone charge you £15 per Gb if you go over your allowance.

    I wouldn't touch 3 with a bargepole-Vodafone are miles ahead when it comes to mobile broadband. 3 may be cheaper but you get what you pay for when it comes to mobile broadband.
  14. Yeah but in barnstable it isnt even close to broadband speed with vodafone. So you dont get what you pay for really. or at least not in Barnstable which i what i was talking about.
    Like i said i just use it to surf and chat. now to go over 3gb surfing and chatting does some doing.
  15. mmmm interesting!!!!!!!
    that seems an awful lot to charge! but thats what im getting with orange at the mo which is £1 per meg over your limit!
  16. I have gone for the tmobile one, lets see how it goes
  17. I want to use Skype via one of the mobile broadband providers. Does anyone have experience of this? I'm just curious to know if it works well, or if it's shite - and which provider would be the best one to use.
    Any advice greatfully received.
  18. From what i have seen you would have to make sure you are in a 3G covered area otherwise the connection speed will be to slow.
  19. steer well clear, I signed up for an 18 month contract with t-mobile on the basis that I could use skype on it, even with full HSDPA (the latest and supposedly greatest mobile broadband thinger) signal, I cannot use skype, browsing the internet is very quick as is downloading files via HTTP/FTP (bittorrent is a no-go).

    Skype however simply doesn't work, mobile broadband seems to send data in huge chunks every couple of seconds, which translates really badly with unbuffered streaming audio, you'll get little snatches of audio every couple of seconds, but it's impossible to have a conversation.
  20. I use the 3 dongle for work. Coverage is good in the Scottish Central Belt and on motorways!! Once you get out in the country its a bit patchy but its a godsend means I can file my pictures from the field rather than wait till I get home and send them then. One small problem I have come across is if too many snappers are using their dongle at the same time to file pictures speed goes right down and sometimes its hard to connect.

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