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Does anyone have any information/Dits/etc about 40 Cdo's mascot, Mne L E Phant? Am the phot here at NMC (transferred over to the dark side.....) and was interested in a few words to go with some pictures I have of him. Thanks.


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I seem to remember that Mne L E Phant came on OCEAN WAVE 97 onboard FEARLESS and that when the 40 Cdo officers organised a regimental dinner at Raffles in Singapore, Mne Phant went ashore with them to enjoy the event. Doubtless there will be others on here with the full dit.
:thumright: Mne L.E.Phant was acquired during the units service in the far East in the 60's,Mne L.E.Phant usualy resides in the foyer of the officers mess along with the other items of ill gotten gains, 40 Commando RM well known for acquiring items not tied down hence the nick name the 'Hydraulics' Aye JR :whew:


I could tell you several dits but unfortunately I believe that they would mainly fall into the category of "What happens in the mess..." especially those involving gymnastics and personal injury!

A few snippets though;

Blue Lanyard Dinner, joint dinner hosted that year by the Sgt's Mess at NMC, Mne L E Phant escorted as usual by a pair of lucky subbies (lose him and suffer the wrath of the 2 i/c). Being bright young things they take a chain and padlock to prevent him being kidnapped during the excellent after dinner speech by WW2 40 Cdo veterans. Bright but not that bright because the thing they forgot to bring was bolt croppers to remove the superglued padlock!

Or was that actually the year it was decided that Mne LE Phants baby brother would attend. After being dropped on the way (!) he was kidnapped for ransom and as a counter threat the Sgt's Mess stereo (?) system was nicked to ensure his safe return.

I have a letter recounting an incident onboard OCEAN that is common knowledge I'll see if I can find it, definitely worth a read. There is of course a potted history of Mne Phant in the mess.

As an aside the, then, RN Medal office refused to acknowledge him as a formal mascot, after all he's not a fecking goat is he!



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He was in the mess in OCEAN for the VELA trip. When the Cdo had to bang out early and at the rush the one thing all the SURFALT and HEALT had to provide was space for that flaming elephant.
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