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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by sara21, Mar 11, 2007.

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  1. Hi,
    I have decided to postpone joining the RN as an Officer in favour of training with BAS for 3 years as a Deck Officer Cadet- something I thought too good to pass up.

    I was wondering if it is possible to join the RNR if you are serving in the MN? Obviously I will have other commitments and will be spending the majority of my training at sea, and I thought this may hinder my chance of joining the RNR. I am a graduate and know that I would have to sit the AIB, but apart from that I know NOTHING about the RNR. I hope one day, after BAS are finished with me, to join the RN full time so I would also like advice on how transferable my OOW cert will be, if at all.

  2. I'm not sure what MN and BAS is but if you are thinking of joining the RNR you do need to be able to manage a minimum comittment. We ask our new entries to aim for 75%. If you do much less you will find yourself being left behind.
  3. Merchant Navy and British Antarctic Survey.
  4. In short; yes.
  5. Link
    Just a starter for 10 Sara21.

    I assume your cadetship would have a period at college, Warsash or wherever, in which case you should have enough time to get through New Entry/AIB/Fleet board.

    There is a definite understanding, in most units, as to the unique situation of MN officers and a more leeway is applied, with regards to attendance etc.

    You would be on list 1, which means you are only required for 12 days operational training and a token 1/2 day or so in unit. Clearly you would need to do a little more initially to get through the phases above. To get through Fleet board, you would need to do a week's sea survival, a fornight at BRNC and some time on a grey floaty thing. So at 12 days a year, it's going to take some time. Most people do it a lot quicker than that.

    There are a few AW types on this forum who will be able to give you answers to more specific questions as to what happens once they are in branch and how that relates to STCW95.
  6. Hi sara21, I'm in a similar situation myself, just returned from my first sea trip as a MN deck cadet. before I went I enquired on here about joining the RNR. It seems its a rather complicated process which may not fit in around the college phases of my cadetship. Also my present employers (clyde marine) have refused to allow me to join.
    I am planning to try and change the sponsors of my cadetship - if thats possible - in order to get around this problem.
    Also, about your brief reference to the O.O.W qualification being transfered into the RN. - I have been informed that they do not take this into account and that all officers start their training from the beggining regardless of whether they can already drive one or not!!

    Out of interest how did you get in with the B.A.S?? sounds great!
  7. You're damned right there, shipmate. I saw exactly what you chaps get up to on a bridge when I was boarding a ship in the Irish sea. Stormed the bridge to find a single man on duty, string vest covered in dribbled ketchup from his bacon sandwich and feet up on his whizzo instrument panel! ;)
  8. Well there are certainly some unreputable operators out there, I can assure you however that the majority of us are highly trained (or training in my case) and professional on the bridge and elsewhere. Also, we obide by the col-regs, unlike any of the grey funnels I have encountered (Never encountered an RN vessel - only yank, aussie and dutch).
    Perhaps the bacon sarnie guy didn't take so much pride in his appearance as is desired - but then unfortunatly many dont.
  9. mndc - have pm'd you.
  10. Perhaps all his shipmates were busy dumping the semtex and AKs over the side! ;)
  11. As an MN officer you would be List One, not List Three. So don't worry about drill nights and new entry training at an RTC.

    (Posted for the benefit of others not sara21!)
  12. Absolutely correct but would still need to show up enough to pass a FB.
  13. sara21 - have pm'd you

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