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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by sara21, Mar 11, 2007.

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  1. Hi,
    I have decided to postpone joining the RN as an Officer in favour of training with BAS for 3 years as a Deck Officer Cadet- something I thought too good to pass up.

    I was wondering if it is possible to join the RNR if you are serving in the MN? Obviously I will have other commitments and will be spending the majority of my training at sea, and I thought this may hinder my chance of joining the RNR. I am a graduate and know that I would have to sit the AIB, but apart from that I know NOTHING about the RNR. I hope one day, after BAS are finished with me, to join the RN full time so I would also like advice on how transferable my OOW cert will be, if at all.

  2. Yes
  3. The RNR does have MN officers among its strength; being in the MN is no barrier to being in the RNR. Concessions about how much time MN officers have to give to the RNR are made since if you are MN you are likely to be away from home. But it is very much possible, and does happen.
  4. Sara

    There is a branch of the RNR which includes MN officers and the list commitment reflects the realities of the job. By BAS, do you mean British Antarctic Survey?

    A civilian watchkeeping ticket isn't directly transferrable, because a Junior Warfare Officer has to ship-drive in a tactical situation, but it'll certainly make a lot of the course fairly easy for you, particularly as the BAS ships also operate helicopters so you'll have some familiarity with flying operations as well. You'll have a maturity, and experiences, that your peers won't have and that is no bad thing.

    The one thing to watch for would be age constraints, if you're already a graduate, taking another three years out of your career will put a cap on your future promotion prospects, although that really depends on whether you see it as a long term career or not. You'll possibly find that your chances of getting beyond Commander become very low.
  5. Hi and thanks for your reply.

    Yes i do mean British Antarctic Survey, i am actually training with a company called SSTG but have been quite proactive about which ships i will be serving on and have managed to talk BAS into letting me spend my mandatory seatime serving with them.

    I am 21 now, and will be nearly 25 when leaving BAS, obviously i will be right on the cusp of entry into BRNC for Warfare Officers. I was hoping to get the AIB out of the way sometime towards the end of my MN Cadet training so that i would still be 25 on entry.

    Many people think that i am foolish to chose BAS over the RN, and if I am honest I am still in 2 minds at the moment. I dont know whether to just sit my AIB in the next few months and then decide.....
    ohh choices choices.
    I didn't think my OOW cert would be too useful, but had hoped it would give my chance of entry a much needed boost.

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